Middle School Curriculum

A look at our homeschool curriculum

It seems strange to be planning school for a 5th grader. The time has gone by so quickly. It's exciting and intimidating all at the same time! 5th grade brings transitions - the beginning of the Logic stage, moving to more independence, less time spent on teaching and more on discussion. We'll be changing our schedule as well- to include more time for delving deep into subjects.

Our curriculum list is actually pretty short - a few programs to cover the basics and lots of books in our home library (and public library!) for reading and discussing. I keep reminding myself that curriculum is more than the workbooks and teacher's manuals we use whenever I feel nervous about the short list!


All those other subjects - history, geography, science, art & music, etc. - we'll be creating our own plans from a variety of resources we have around the house. I'll be sharing details about those subjects as we fine-tune our plans.

6th Grade Curriculum

Every year I like to share a list of what we'll be using - and this year is no different. TJ is starting her 6th grade year and we'll be using a variety of resources from different publishers. Take a look!

  • Horizons Math
  • Writing with Skill
  • Rod & Staff English
  • Megawords
  • First Form Latin
  • Project Passport
  • Fallacy Detective
  • Thinking Toolbox

Of course, there are lots of fun extras and books we'll be using. Like most homeschoolers, we've built quite a library of resources that we pull from, but it would take much too long to list every book and resource.


As you can see from the list above, we're covering the basics - math, language arts, foreign languages, and logic. We're also including some online programs - typing and French. We have a few more fun logic resources that we're using - Made You Look and The Great Chocolate Caper (as well as the two books above).

For history we're using the Project Passport series from Home School in the Woods, as well as their timeline materials, and lots of books for reading and discussion. Instead of the usual history 3 days a week and science 2 days a week, we're focusing just on history for 4 terms and then covering science in the last 2 terms (when we'll be doing a unit on microscopes).

Reading will be an amalgamation of sorts with The Arrow reading guides from Bravewriter, guided questions from The Well-Trained Mind, as well as story charts and questions from Teaching the Classics. We're doing a mix of literature about the middle ages and a few that TJ chose.

That sums up what we'll be using this year.

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