Impressionist Art Projects for Kids: Monet

My daughter loves working on art projects. Admittedly, I try to avoid them because I just don’t like the mess (and it seems like she loves them the messier they are!).

I’m pretty good at fitting in art picture study but I confess that I’m kind of a failure at planned art projects. But, in an effort to inject a little more fun into our school day, we’ve started having “Fine Arts Fridays”.

We still cover a few of the basics (math & reading) but have moved to a 4-day schedule for most other subjects so we have more time for art, music, and poetry.

We love impressionist artwork and have learned quite a bit in previous years about impressionist artists, so we decided to focus on their art for the next few “Fine Arts Fridays”.

What better time to learn about impressionist artists than in the spring! Kicking off our studies is our favorite impressionist painter – Claude Monet.

Impressionist Art Projects for Kids: Monet

This project takes a little bit of planning & preparation, but the finished product is really worth the effort. You and your kids will be creating a tissue paper collage version of Claude Monet’s famous water lilies paintings. While you won’t be painting with watercolors (we’ll have to save that for another impressionist art project!) you’ll still have a fun time with this project. I really encourage you to create your own collage with your kids.

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This project has been adapted from The Usborne Art Treasury (a fabulous resource filled with great projects).

So let’s get to our impressionist art projects for kids: Monet collage art project.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • tissue paper (in pastel colors – pink, green, purple & 2 shades of blue)
  • white glue
  • watercolor paper
  • a container to hold the glue
  • a paintbrush
  • a small glass
  • scissors

To prepare for the project you’ll need to:

  • tear long strips the blue tissue papers (and some white if you’d like to add that in as well) – you’ll want them just shorter than your large poster paper

  • tear shorter strips of purple and green tissue paper

  • pour a good amount of white glue into a container and add a bit of water to thin it out, mixing it well with the end of a paintbrush

Now you’re ready to start!


Place a large piece of poster paper in front of you. Dip your paintbrush in the thinned out glue and paint it onto your paper. Lay one of the pieces of blue tissue paper on the glued area, using your brush to glue down the edges. Layer on more pieces of the different blues (and white if you’d like to add that), to create your waves.

At various intervals, add a small piece of purple or green tissue paper as well.

When you’ve finished layering the tissue paper, set your paper aside.

Next you’ll create some lily pads and flowers to add to your collage.

For the lily pads, lay the glass on a piece of green tissue paper and tear around it to create a circle. Use the scissors to cut out a v-shape. Make 4-6 lily pads for each collage.

For the lilies, do the same – tear out white or light pink circles (4-5 for each collage). But instead of cutting out a v-shape, in the middle of each circle, glue a scrap of purple or pink tissue paper. Crumple your circles to look like flowers.

Glue your lily pads and flowers to your collage wherever you’d like. For the flowers, try to glue just the middle, leaving the edges upright, creating a 3-d affect on the paper.

Let your picture dry and enjoy your masterpiece!