7 Simple Habits for a Great Morning Routine

I love simple things that make my day quick and easy. And I know that getting the day started on the right foot is important for a successful day. I have a few simple habits for a great morning routine - get your day started with a bang with these simple ideas.

Hack your Morning Routine

Try these simple habits for a great morning routine - create a successful day with these simple ideas - one new habit at a time.

I am not a morning person... especially in the winter - I just want to stay curled up in my warm bed. But, the one thing that gets me up early in the morning is knowing that my day is so much easier to manage if I take a few minutes to set myself up with a successful morning routine. These simple morning routine habits are easy but will change the course of your whole day.

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A good morning starts the night before

Set yourself up for a great morning routine by doing a few simple tasks the night before. Lay out your clothes if you have to be out the door early and do the same for your kids. Do a 10-minute house clean-up with the family, wash the dishes, and make a mental note about dinner plans for the next day.

Most important, don't stay up too late! Turn off those devices and screens an hour before bed, get a good sleep and you'll be ready for a great morning.

Need more tips for your evening routine? I wrote about it here - How to Create a Peaceful Bedtime Routine

Get up before your kids

I know that it's hard to get out of bed early in the morning but if you can get yourself into the habit of getting up an hour or two earlier than the rest of the family you will find that you can get so much accomplished in that time. Every book I've ever read about an organized and successful day starts with that morning habit. What the Most Successful People do Before Breakfast has some great tips for making the most of your morning time.

Eat a good breakfast

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! Start your morning right with some protein, good fats, and, if you can fit them in some fresh ingredients (fruits or veggies). Protein will give your body the building blocks it needs, good fats feed your brain and keep you satisfied, and those fresh foods provide your body with necessary vitamins and minerals.

Need some ideas for breakfast? I love the Brainy Breakfasts ebook - there are lots of great grain-free breakfast options. You'll find a great selection of egg recipes, grain-free cereals, smoothies, and lots of baked goods. Yes, you can still have waffles for breakfast - you just need to change your recipe! Grab a copy of Brainy Breakfasts for some fresh inspiration.

Take your vitamins

While a good breakfast is important a few vitamins and supplements may still be in order. You just can't find the nutrients in today's fresh foods that you could years ago so a few supplements are important. Of course, this depends on what your body needs and what you eat but everyone should be taking a few supplements. In my daily vitamin container: calcium, vitamin D, iodine, and fish oil.

Choose 3 daily tasks

Don't overwhelm your day with a huge to-do list. Look at that long list of tasks and pick the three most important things to focus on. If nothing else gets done you've still accomplished a lot! Set aside time during the day for each of those tasks and just get-er-done!

This one change has helped me focus on the most important things and ignore those little pesky tasks that take so much time. Now, I save all the little tasks for one day and set a timer for one hour to get them all done. That way they aren't taking time from the major things I need to focus on.

Save email and Facebook until last

If your morning involves time on the computer, don't start with email or Facebook (or whatever seems to suck you into a vortex of time-wasting). Choose one of those 3 daily tasks and knock it out of the park. Use those time-wasters as a reward - and set a timer!

If you must check email or Facebook first, set a timer for 10 minutes and close that browser when your time is up. Don't waste your valuable morning time on quizzes and memes.

Take a few moments for prayer and reflection

I may have saved it for last, but for me at least, this is an important part of starting my day right. I spend a few minutes reading my Bible, reflecting on what I've read and spending a few minutes in prayer about the upcoming day. Whether it's Bible reading, prayer, or journaling, take 10-20 minutes to focus your thoughts before jumping into your busy day.

Create your own perfect morning routine

I find that focusing on one change to my morning routine until it becomes a habit is easiest for me. If your morning needs a makeover, choose one thing to change and focus on that first. Once it's become a habit you can add something new.

Any tips for a successful morning routine? Leave me a comment and tell me about your morning habits!

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