Homeschool Planet: Online Homeschool Planner Review

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If you're like many homeschool moms, you are wrapping up your current school year and are probably in the middle of purchasing and planning for a new homeschooling year. I know that's what I'm doing right now!

Want to try an online homeschool planner? Homeschool Planet is a comprehensive planner that will help you keep track of everything for your homeschool & family.

Part of my yearly homeschool planning involves creating a weekly schedule that works for our family. You know what I'd love? A planner that keeps all our various schedules in one place. And I've found the perfect one! Homeschool Planet from Homeschool Buyers Co-op is a comprehensive online homeschool planner that I can use to coordinate our schedules and even keep track of grocery lists and errands!

Finding the ideal online homeschool planner

Homeschool Planet is an online tool - you just sign-up and login. Everything is stored and saved for you. All you need to do is remember your login information!

But this online homeschool planner is not just a basic scheduling tool. It includes so many other options - keep track of all your kids, grading, attendance, messaging reminders, activities, family schedules, even grocery lists.

It's the perfect tool for busy moms who are managing lots of different tasks and schedules.

Calendar View

online homeschool planner - homeschool planet calendar view

A look at Homeschool Planet

Once you log in to your Homeschool Planet account, you'll want to create add people. I added everyone in my family so I can easily add classes, important dates, or appointments.

Then you can start filling in your daily schedule.

Since we follow the same basic routine every day I just created classes that followed that routine. You can include daily assignments (great for independent kids who can manage their assignments through the website too).

When you create a class you'll also find places to add notes, grades, track hours, and add resources. (see image below)

Want to try an online homeschool planner? Homeschool Planet is a comprehensive planner that will help you keep track of everything for your homeschool & family.

When you've added your classes you can view them in calendar mode (day, week, or month) or planner mode.

Now, you can use Homeschool Planet just for that and it would be a fabulous online homeschool planner. But there is so much more.

Include your spouse and you can sync his calendar (Google, iCal, or others).

Create a shopping list or To-Do list and text or email it to yourself or your spouse.

Generate transcripts, assignment lists, or class notes.

You can even have daily Bible verses or weather watcher in your online homeschool planner.

Prefer a paper-and-pencil plan? Print out your weekly schedule!

Why you need an online homeschool planner

There are so many reasons that Homeschool planet is a fabulous online homeschool planner. Here are some of my top reasons for using this product:

  • everything is managed in one place - schedules, lists, events, records
  • it's all online - I won't lose any records or schedules
  • emailing & texting - I love that I can text or email lists and tasks
  • mobile view - I can take it with me
  • works with other calenders (like Google & iCal)

Extra widgets - To Do lists & Shopping lists

online homeschool planner homeschool planet

Why I love Homeschool Planet

Every year I like to be organized & ready for the upcoming year. I print and plan before school starts so I don't have to spend a lot of time organizing and planning each week. Homeschool Planet sets me up for immediate success because I can just put our daily schedule in and repeat it each week. It will keep track of attendance records and TJ can even use her own login information to check her daily assignments.

Beyond planning our homeschool schedule, I can use Homeschool Planet to keep other aspects of our life organized. I keep an ongoing grocery list on there. When it's time to shop I can just email it to Nick and he can stop at the store on his way home from work.

If we have appointments and events I can add them to our schedule. Instead of having our homeschool schedule in one place, family appointments and events on another calendar, and separate work calendars for me and Nick - I can use Homeschool Planet to keep track of everything. It's so much easier to plan & schedule when everything is in one place!

Planner view

Want to try an online homeschool planner? Homeschool Planet is a comprehensive planner that will help you keep track of everything for your homeschool & family.

Get a free trial of Homeschool Plane

Homeschool Buyers Co-op wants you to find your ideal online homeschool planner so they offer a free 30-day trial. Give Homeschool Planet a try - I'm sure you'll be impressed with this online planner. It will help you organize more than your homeschool schedule!

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