Resources for Teaching from Rest

Each month I've been sharing a few thoughts about everyday scholé - finding your place of rest while homeschooling - with a few fellow homeschooling friends. While we share our opinions about restful learning and how that looks in our homeschools, there are many, many more resources available for teaching from rest.

Homeschooling stress getting you down? Find your place of rest with these resources - learn about teaching from rest.

Teaching from Rest

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I originally heard about scholé from Christopher Perrin of Classical Academic Press. He has some wonderful videos that are full of great information (you'll be thinking about classical education in a whole different way). His videos are the perfect place to start. After that, there are many more great resources that you can explore. You'll find some of my favorite finds below.

Now, there are two different conversations listed here - scholé or restful learning. Then there's Kern's talk about teaching from rest. So we've got rest on BOTH sides - for the student and for the mother. Sounds nice, huh?

Restful Resources

I love this Everyday Scholé series from Living & Learning at Home - small changes you can make every day to provide a restful learning atmosphere.

There are lots of wonderful resources at the Circe Institute - a great podcast about teaching from rest by Andrew Kern, and an article from Sarah Mackenzie - On Teaching from a State of Rest. There are so many wonderful audios too.

I love this Morning Meeting Makover post from Chelli at The Planted Trees - she shares lots of great practical advice on creating your own personalized plan.

What's the opposite of teaching from rest? Teaching from fear. Sara has a great post about Teaching from Rest, Not Fear at Classically Homeschooling. Another great post, along the same vein, is Mystie's post, Teaching from Faithfulness, not Fear.

Charlotte Mason also was a believer in providing a full education but in a simple way. Here's a great post about Secrets from Charlotte Mason on Scheduling for Peace from After Thoughts.

And some books for further reading:

What ideas have you implemented to create a more restful learning environment?

If you have any more resources that focus on the topic of scholé I'd love to hear about them.

Find more resources for homeschool moms from the iHomeschool Network.

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