Robert Louis Stevenson & Treasure Island Unit Study

Did you know Robert Louis Stevenson was born in November? His birthday is November 13, 1850; what better way to celebrate than to read a book or some of his poetry this month!

Let’s celebrate Robert Louis Stevenson with some activity ideas and resources that you can use to create your own unit study.

Celebrating Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1850. When he was 17 he enrolled at Edinburgh University to study engineering – following in his father’s footsteps. He didn’t stay with that path, instead choosing to study the law. But even then he knew he wanted to be a writer and during his summer vacation he visited France and formed connections with other young artists and writers. At his death, he left behind a vast collection of poetry, novels, essays, short stories, travel writing, and musical compositions.

Read more about his life at the Robert Louis Stevenson website.

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Robert Louis Stevenson: Books to Read

I haven’t listed everything he’s ever written, but these books are great choices for kids. He wrote lots of great stories and poetry – these are perfect for reading aloud (we really enjoyed Treasure Island) and poetry tea time:

  • Treasure Island
  • Kidnapped
  • A Child’s Garden of Verses

Robert Louis Stevenson: Resources & Activities

This fabulous list of resources and activity ideas will give you all you need to create a fun-filled unit study around some of Stevenson’s famous children’s works.

Robert Louis Stevenson


Treasure Island

A Child’s Garden of Verses

Do you have a favorite Robert Louis Stevenson poem?

TJ has quite a few that she loves – she loves the short verses that are easy to memorize. They are perfect for including in your poetry tea time or daily recitation.