6 Sanity Saving Tips for Busy Moms

There's no doubt that women today are busy - and homeschool moms are no exception! Between the homeschooling, keeping up with housework, laundry, and meals we are a busy bunch. Added to that, many moms also work part-time (or even full-time!) to supplement their family income. How do busy moms keep up with it all?

Time management tips for busy moms - number 6 is a must for every mom!

Sanity Saving Tips

One of the things that I've realized while working from home (and homeschooling.... and housework) is that I can't do it all. I have to make choices and some things have to get pushed to the back burner or off the burner completely. And that's okay. It's a season of life.

For the areas I am focused on, I need to have goals or I'm floundering to reach any sort of accomplishment.

We make yearly homeschooling goals, I have weekly 'house' goals (sometimes just keeping up with the laundry feels like a huge accomplishment), and I have monthly and yearly blogging goals.

Making the goals isn't enough, though. I need to have a plan in place to help reach those goals. Hence, these 6 sanity-saving tips - 6 things that help me reach my goals (and still have a life).

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1. Eat the frog

I heard the expression 'eat the frog' once and it has stuck with me. Basically, it means to tackle the most dreaded job of the day first thing.

I have a tendency to keep postponing difficult tasks but I've learned that I am able to get more done with my time if I get those jobs out of the way first thing. {And don't you just feel super successful when those nasty tasks that feel like they are looming over you are out of the way? Or is that just me?}

2. Create a routine NOT a schedule

When I first started this homeschooling journey I created an elaborate daily system that had each day scheduled down to the minute {don't laugh - I bet you did it too!}.

Needless to say, that method only caused me unending stress and did not last very long.

Now, we have a basic daily routine (with set hours for some things) that allows time for online work, homeschooling hours, family time, and yes, even time for me.

3. It's okay to say 'No'

This is where having that daily routine starts paying it forward. It's much easier to say no to outside obligations or other tasks because you can quickly decide if it will fit into that daily routine or not.

This has also been extremely helpful in regards to blogging. Since I only have a certain amount of daily blogging time allotted to me, I have to use my time wisely and not waste it on Facebook. {Don't judge, I bet you waste your time there too.}

4. Use a timer

You know those tasks that you hate to do (those frogs!)? Do 'em first and do 'em fast.

Set a timer (I really like E.gg Timer) for things that you don't like to do {ahem... cleaning the bathroom toilet} or those time-sucking activities that seem to eat up the hours {hello Pinterest!}.

5. Create a daily action plan

Remember those goals you have for your homeschool or your job or your blog? Do you have a plan to reach those goals?

Creating an action plan is an important step in reaching your goals. I can say I have a goal to read The Illiad {someday!} but if I never actually crack the cover of the book I'm not doing much to reach my goal.

But, if I eat the frog (sanity saver #1) for 15 minutes a day (sanity saver #3) first thing in the morning (sanity saver #2) then I will eventually reach my goal!

All those other sanity saving steps lead directly to creating a daily action plan, whether it's for your housework, homeschooling, or work. Create a plan and plug it into your daily routine.

If you are list-maker like me and looove to cross things off your to-do list, check out todoist.com - I like to plug in everything I need to do and just check it off the list when I'm done.

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6. Make time for yourself

Please don't ignore this last step. You will burn yourself out if you don't take time for yourself. Moms, it is NOT selfish to set aside 20 minutes for yourself each day - to take a walk, read a book, enjoy a cup of tea and some quiet time... whatever it is you need.

Make time in that daily schedule to unplug and refresh your spirit. Your family is important but YOU are important TO your family. They will appreciate the fact that you are relaxed and refreshed and you'll be able to tackle those jobs that keep you busy.

Do you have any sanity saving tips? I'd love to hear how you manage your busy schedule - leave me a comment!

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