How to Save Money on Essential Oils

Essential oils are not cheap, it's true. But they are definitely worth the expense. You'll find yourself saving money on other things, including cleaning supplies and personal care products! And, as you'll see below, when you figure the cost-per-drop (since you only use a few drops for most everything), it's actually not as expensive as you think. Learn how to save money on essential oils with the tips in this post!

Save money on essential oils - 5 tips for getting the most from your Young Living essential oils. You'll be using up every last drop!

How to save money on essential oils

When I first saw the price of some of those essential oil kits I had a bit of a sticker shock moment. But, now that I'm a few months into this essential oils journey, I can definitely say that the investment is worth the initial expense. We've been replacing many products with oils and I'm starting to use them in beauty products and homemade cleaners. They are just so useful and a better option to the chemical-laden products on the market today. And best of all, there are quite a few ways to save money on essential oils.

5 Ways to save on essential oils

While the initial investment seems high, there are certainly ways you can save money and get every drop of goodness out of those amber bottles. Here are 5 tips to get the most from your investment:

Use a diffuser

While there are other methods of using essential oils, diffusing is a wonderful way to get the oils into the air, where the whole family can benefit from just 4 or 5 drops. By putting your essential oils into a diffuser, you are dispersing the oils into the air, releasing their natural properties and freshening the air. Diffusing is a very cost-effective way to use your essential oils - 4 or 5 drops for the whole family's benefit. This is my favorite way to save money on essential oils. They just make the house smell so good!

What's diffusing?

An essential oil diffuser is a small appliance that, when filled with water and a few drops of oil, produces a fine mist that disperses the oil into the air, covering a wide area very quickly. As you breathe in, the oils affect your olfactory system which passes it on to 5 different areas in your brain, giving the oils a physiological and psychological effect.

Dilute them with a carrier oil

Essential oils are highly potent and should be diluted in almost all situations. Diluting your oil does not change its effectiveness and can help cover a larger area if you're applying them topically. And, for babies and small children, dilution is a must.

For the blends and oils I use daily, I add the oil to an empty essential oil bottle (save those empty bottles!) and fill the remainder of the bottle with a carrier oil then top it with a roller ball fitment. To use it, I just roll it on. It still works just as well, but I'm using less essential oil with this method. Diluting your oils is a great way to save money on essential oils.

What's a carrier oil?

A carrier oil is simply a vegetable-based oil (like coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, etc.) that you can use in your oil applications. Whenever an essential oil requires dilution, you'll use a carrier oil (I even grab the olive oil from the kitchen cupboard in a pinch!) to dilute as necessary.

lavender bath salts

Use every last drop

One great trick to get every last drop from your empty oil bottles is by putting them into a few cups of Epsom salts. Simply put 2 cups of Epsom salt in a glass jar, throw in your empty essential oil bottles (before you wash them out!), the caps, and even the orifice reducers and put the lid on the jar, pushing them all down into the salt. The salt will absorb all the remaining essential oils and you'll have a nice jar of bath salts that you can use.

How many drops do those bottles hold?

The 5 ml bottle holds 75-100 drops and the 15 ml bottle holds approximately 250-300 drops. If you are only using 1-3 drops at a time, they will last a long time! Some of our oils I use up fairly quickly but others last quite a long time. See how one blogger figured out the cost-per-drop - it's really an eye-opener!

Buy from a reputable source

While the initial investment is expensive, it's important to purchase your oils from a reputable source (that sources and tests oils appropriately). I buy from a few different places - one of my favorites is (that's an affiliate link -->)Rocky Mountain Oils.

Join the rewards program

Another great benefit of purchasing your oils from Rocky Mountain Oils? Their Oil'ty Rewards program. It doesn't cost anything to join - simply purchase oils through them and start earning points. If you're going to order essential oils anyway, why not enjoy the extra benefits of a rewards program?

How do you save money on essential oils?

As you can see, while essential oils may seem expensive, their actual cost is less than it seems at first. Between the number of drops in a bottle, how little you use for each application, and these tips & ideas to make them stretch just a little bit further, you can make a wise investment for your family and save money on essential oils.

If you have any more money-saving tips, I'd love to hear them!

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