Simple No Bake Christmas Sweets Kids Can Make

I love celebrating Christmas. The baking, gift-giving, and all the time spent making family memories is so special. It's also a great time to have kids help in the kitchen. Special homemade treats are perfect gifts that kids can make and give to friends and family. And these simple no bake Christmas sweets are perfect for kids who want to make some special treats.

Simple No-Bake Treats

Easy no-bake treats are perfect for the holiday season. When things get busy and you just don't have time for lots of holiday baking, some simple no-bake treats are the perfect solution. Even better, let your kids help!

Many of these recipes only require a microwave so kids can help make some simple no bake Christmas sweets and treats too. They can make treats for the family or package them in pretty boxes and tins for holiday gifts. Even young children can make homemade gifts to give others with these simple recipes.

Helping them with homemade treats and gifts is a perfect way to teach them the meaning of Christmas and the importance of giving to others.

30 Simple No Bake Christmas Sweets

Easy Treats for Kids to Make

Do your kids enjoy cooking? What special treats do they help make during the holiday season? 

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