Simple Tools for Homeschooling

Lots of people use high-tech tools for homeschooling. We use a few different devices, but our most important tools are definitely low-tech. Here's a short list of my favorite simple tools for homeschooling.

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Our most important tools for homeschooling are low-tech gadgets and office supplies. Here's a short list of my favorite simple tools for homeschooling.

Low-Tech Homeschooling

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Our daily homeschool routine is fairly simple and low-tech. TJ and I each have our own box with our respective textbooks, manuals, and lesson plans.

As far as high-tech gear we have a laptop for online things, videos, and audios. And, of course, we have a printer! That's really all we use for high-tech gear for homeschooling.

I really prefer holding a textbook to reading on a screen, so I try to purchase physical books over ebooks, but we'll use them occasionally.

Simple Tools for Homeschooling

At the very top of our low-tech list is a library card. That is an essential tool for our homeschool. We have a fabulous library system and can order books from multiple branches. I've never had a problem finding books for whatever topic we are studying.

Besides the library, there are a few other must-have resources that we use every day:

  • pencils & a pencil sharpener - definitely high on our low-tech list, pencils and a pencil sharpener are certainly an everyday staple for us.
  • spiral-bound notebooks - we use simple spiral-bound notebooks all the time. TJ uses them for journaling and drawing. I use one every day for my to-do lists and notes.
  • Post-It Notes - I couldn't stay organized without my stack of Post-Its. I use them every day - reminders, quick notes, even bookmarks. Post-Its are a handy tool to keep in your stash.
  • dry erase boards & markers - these are a handy staple to have and can save your paper stash. When TJ and I work on subjects together we grab the dry erase boards and markers.
  • Prismacolor colored pencils - when we work on art projects, these are our favorite colored pencils. Definitely a must-have art supply!
  • supplies for notebooking & lapbooks - TJ loves working on lapbooks and notebooks so we need to keep a good selection of supplies on hand:

Simple Tools for Homeschooling

This list of resources are the basic tools we use every day. Do you have a favorite homeschooling tool that you use all the time? Leave me a comment and tell me about it!

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