Summer Reading for Homeschool Moms


A book list for the homeschool mom

It's summertime and many homeschoolers are on break. But it's not all rest and relaxation for a homeschool mom - we're too busy getting ready for the new school year! With shopping and planning and printing and binding, homeschool moms are a busy bunch in the summer.

One of the ways I like to prepare for a new school year is by pulling out all my favorite homeschooling books and flipping through them for fresh inspiration.

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Here are the books I'm reading this summer:

  1. The Well-Trained Mind - I have 2 editions of this book because I use it so often. It is my go-to source for getting ready for a new year. Each year I reread the sections that pertain to our coming school level.
  2. The Core - part reference, part inspiration, this book gives me the best of both! Bortins newest book, The Question, is on my shopping list this year.
  3. Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning - I just picked this up in January and have read parts of it but I want to read the whole book during our time off.
  4. Teaching the Trivium - I won a copy from Living & Learning at Home (she's been reading and posting about the book this year). Not sure I'll read all of it (it's a big book!) but I'll be flipping through the parts that interest me.
  5. The Latin-Centered Curriculum - This book is a constant reminder to simplify and focus on the most important things.

Those are the books in my summer reading pile but I'm hoping to add a few new ones this year - so leave a comment and tell me about your favorite homeschooling references!

What's in your homeschool reading pile this summer?

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