Summer Science Activities for Kids

It's summer and we've put the books away. But, even when we are relaxing in the summer sun, I like to have some ideas up my sleeve. No reason for learning to stop in the summer! So here are some summer science activities for kids.

Keep your kids learning during summer break with these fun summer science activities for kids. These projects for kids are wet & messy but seriously fun!

15 Summer Science Activities for Kids

During the school year, we don't do a ton of projects and experiments. But, when we're on break I like to take out those fun extras. I can sneak in some learning and my daughter just thinks it's a fun activity.

Summer is a great time to pull out those fun water projects and experiments. Instead of a puddle on the dining room table, save the fun for summertime. Take those projects outside where you don't have to mop up the mess. These 15 summer science activities for kids will keep your kids occupied (and still learning) while you're on school break.

Books for learning about water

Of course, I need to include a few books! I recommend having your kids read for a few minutes each day during summer vacation. Combine the activities above with some of these books and your kids will be learning all summer (without feeling like they are doing school).

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Do you try to sneak in some learning fun in the summer?

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