The Ultimate Guide to Books for Kids {100 links!}

We love books! They are in piles all over our house, playing on our CD player or audio devices, and baskets and shelves of library books dominate our living spaces. The librarians know my husband by sight and they've even created a shelf just for all the books we put on hold. So today I've scoured the web and asked my homeschooling friends & bloggers to share their own book lists with me. I've compiled them into one huge ultimate guide to books for kids!

ultimate guide to books for kids

Our ultimate guide to books for kids

The lists below are divided into different categories for easy searching. You'll find books for kids to read to themselves, books for boys & girls, and wonderful books to read aloud (lots of great read aloud tips from the experts!) - 100 links to fabulous lists.

I'm planning a follow-up post for all the book lists I didn't include (there were lots of them!) on more specific subjects like history and science. But let's see what great books for kids we find in this ultimate list!

Books by Grade-Level

Books for Girls

Books for Boys

Books to Read Aloud

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