3 Essential Oils You Should Never be Without

There are many, many essential oils and it can be confusing at first trying to figure them all out and how to use them. But I think there are 3 that you should always have on-hand. They are all-purpose oils that can be used for so many things. What are my big three?

Essential oils are great tools to have in your arsenal. If you're confused by all the options available - start with these three important essential oils.

Lemon, Peppermint & Lavender.

With these three important essential oils, you can clean your house, purify the air, and use them for general health and well-being.

3 important essential oils

So why do I consider these 3 important essential oils so special? Because they are just so darn useful for a variety of things.

Lavender has a long list of uses - 'if in doubt use lavender'. We run a few drops in our diffuser every night to promote a relaxing atmosphere. TJ likes me to sweep a drop across her pillow at night. And I mix some with coconut oil to rub on my hands, which get very dry in the winter.

Lemon is a great all-purpose essential oil - it can purify the air and it's a useful cleaning agent.

Peppermint is my daughter's favorite oil. She loves the fresh, invigorating scent.  She also likes a drop on her favorite stuffed animal so she can sniff it at night.

What essential oils would you include on your list?

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