7 Quick Tips for Using Essential Oils

When you first start using essential oils, it feels like information overload. There is so much (sometimes contradictory) advice and information that it can be difficult to sift through it all.

I suggest you focus on the basics - how to diffuse essential oils (one of the easiest ways to use them), the basic techniques for applying them topically, and ways to use them around the house.

Using essential oils can feel overwhelming at first. These 7 tips for using essential oils will make you a confident user in no time!

Tips for Using Essential Oils

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When you're first learning about essential oils, it can be overwhelming sifting through all the available information (and some of the crazy hype). Below you'll find some of my most popular posts about essential oils - the information that people are searching for most often.

These 7 quick tips for using essential oils cuts through all the noise and gets right down to the facts:

How to diffuse essential oils

Diffusing is by far the easiest way to begin using essential oils. Add a few drops of oil to an ultrasonic diffuser and you can clean the air, keep the family healthy, and make it smell nice. Plus it's the most cost-effective method for everyone in the family to receive the benefits - all from just a few drops of oil.

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Dilute oils for topical use

I can't say it enough - dilute, dilute, dilute. Essential oils are powerful and should be used with care. Proper dilution is important for almost every oil. It's not hard - use a carrier oil (like sweet almond oil), add a drop or two of essential oil, apply to location.

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Where to apply essential oils

There are actually many ways to apply oils topically for specific needs - you can apply oils right at the location but you can also apply them to other areas of your body for faster absorption, depending on what you are using the oils for.

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What to do if an essential oil isn't working

Sometimes an essential oil just doesn't work like you would expect it to. There are so many different reasons for this. The best thing to do is work out a plan - add another oil to the mix or switch to a different oil altogether.

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Make your own essential oils journal

When you do find an oil or blend that works exactly the way you need it - write it down! I bought a nice little journal and record what works for my family.

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Make them part of your everyday life

We use essential oils daily - running a blend in the morning (usually something germ-fighting during the winter months) and again at night (our sleepytime blend). There are some in our homemade cleaning supplies and some for everyday health and wellness. Start with a few small things that you think essential oils will be beneficial for and go from there.

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Essential oils around the house

Learn to create your own cleaning supplies and you have even more control over the chemicals in your home. Change one thing at a time and soon you'll have a cleaning closet that is all natural and healthy.

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