Trim Healthy Mama: Breakfast {no special ingredients}

Following the Trim Healthy Mama plan and need some guidance with your meal choices? Check out this list of 15 breakfast ideas that don't require any specialty ingredients.

Ahh... breakfast - the most important meal of the day!

And, if you're following the Trim Healthy Mama plan, it's a super simple meal to 'THM'-ify!

Best of all, it's the easiest meal to plan without resorting to a bunch of specialty ingredients.

Just remember to toss the 'white bread' products and keep your carbs separate from your fats (like that yummy bacon and eggs!). Add in a few fuel pull breakfast ideas and you've got a list of go-to breakfasts that will be perfect for your morning.

To make things even easier, I have a printable list of meal ideas - for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks! Scroll to the bottom of this post to grab your copy.

15 Trim Healthy Mama Breakfast Ideas

So, what do I consider a 'not special ingredient'? If it's something I can easily find at my local grocery store or Walmart then I figure you can easily find it too.

And, since breakfast foods are fairly similar it's pretty easy to create a healthy breakfast - just by changing a few of your usual foods and the way you combine them.

Below I've divided the breakfast ideas between Fuel Pull, Energizing, and Satisfying (see {affiliate link -->} the book for more information on these fuel sources and appropriate ingredients).

If you choose 1 or 2 ideas from each section you will be all set - just keep ingredients on hand for those meals and your Trim Healthy Mama way of life will eventually become a habit.

5 Fuel Pull Breakfast Ideas

5 Energizing Breakfast Ideas

  • Trim Healthy Mama pancakes
  • Oatmeal
  • Sprouted grain toast with all-fruit jam
  • Greek yogurt, berries, and granola
  • Sourdough French toast and Canadian bacon

Don't forget to add some fruit to your E meal!

5 Satisfying Breakfast Ideas

As you can see, eating the Trim Healthy Mama way for breakfast doesn't require a huge change. Pick one or two go-to breakfasts from each category, keep your kitchen stocked with the necessary ingredients, and you'll create healthy habits for success!

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