7 Easy Things to keep in your Trim Healthy Mama Freezer

Changing your eating habits can take some time. If you're following the Trim Healthy Mama plan there are quite a few changes that might be new to you - new sweeteners and different flours, separating your fuel sources - that's a lot of new habits to work on! But there are a few things you can do to make the transition easier. Here are seven things you can keep handy in your Trim Healthy Mama freezer.

Freezer cooking for Trim Healthy Mama can be as easy as precooking a few ingredients. It's easy to keep these seven ingredients on hand. My easiest Trim Healthy Mama freezer cooking tips.

Stocking your Trim Healthy Mama freezer

There's a bit of a learning curve to the (that's an affiliate link -->) Trim Healthy Mama plan. Learning to separate your "E" and "S" fuel sources and using new sweeteners and baking ingredients can take some time. But while you're getting used to it, it's helpful to have some things on hand to make mealtime a little bit quicker. Here are my favorite things to keep in my Trim Healthy Mama freezer.

Shredded chicken breast

Precooking and shredding chicken is an easy thing to keep on hand for quick meals (I have a few tips for effortless freezer cooking). Toss it in your salad (with some beans for an "E" or with some cheese for an "S"), throw it in a pot of soup, or make a sandwich. You should definitely keep some in your freezer for quick meals.

Ground Beef

Like chicken, ground beef is another freezer staple. Cook it up ahead, rinse off the fat and you have another great choice for protein in your "S" and "E" meals. I love to cook mine in the crockpot (ground beef effortless cooking tips) - easy to do and hardly any work for me.


If you soak and precook beans, measure them out into small bags (and keep them in a freezer bag) you'll have another quick thing in your cooking arsenal. Beans take a long time to cook - so doing all the work ahead of time is a great way to have them on the table for dinner in no time flat.


Brown rice is another of those long-cooking ingredients. I love to cook it ahead, package it up with beans, and I have an "E" meal all ready to go in the freezer. Or measure it out into family-sized portions for your meals. Rice & bean burritos make a great quick "E" lunch for busy mamas.


Cauliflower is a low-carb staple that should definitely be in your freezer. For low-carb pizza crusts or 'cauli-rice' it's a must-have. Making 'rice' from cauliflower is actually pretty easy if you have a strong blender (affiliate link --> I love my Ninja). I just break it up into florets, run it through the blender until it's in a rice-like consistency and package it up for the freezer. No precooking necessary.

Trim Healthy Mama pancakes

A breakfast staple for many, Trim Healthy Mama pancakes are a great source of protein - and the are freezable. Make a few batches and freeze in a single layer. Once they are frozen you can package them right up in a freezer container. Pull out what you want for breakfast and pop in the microwave (or toaster). Perfect for a quick breakfast.

Skinny Chocolate

Chocolate is a must in this house and I like to keep a stash in the fridge or freezer. I usually make my Trim Healthy Mama skinny chocolate peanut butter cups - it helps to keep other sugary treats from being too tempting.

Another great option to stash in your freezer or pantry are the THM Dark Chocolate Chips.

What do you keep in your Trim Healthy Mama freezer?

When I have a good supply of these ingredients stocked up it's easy to throw together a quick lunch or even dinner. They are all basic staples that can be used for a variety of things. Chicken & rice, beef & rice, beans & rice (brown rice or 'cauli-rice') - they all work together for a quick and easy meal.

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