5 Unique Subscription Gifts for Kids

It's the holiday season and the shopping has begun! I've just started making a few purchases here and there as I find good deals. Now that my daughter is getting older, her Christmas wishlist is changing. Instead of the long list of toys, she has other fun ideas for her Christmas list - the top of her list is a monthly box subscription. Thankfully there are lots of great subscription gifts for kids!

Subscription gifts are great Christmas gift ideas. Kid's love getting mail and these monthly surprises in the mailbox last much longer than one box under the tree.

Subscription Gifts for Kids

We don't purchase a ton of gifts every year. I like to stick to three gifts (and a full stocking!). I find that's plenty for our family. One of my favorite gifts to include is some sort of monthly subscription gift. Kid's love getting mail and these monthly surprises in the mailbox last much longer than one box under the tree.

Over the years, we've tried a few different subscription gifts and my daughter has more on her wishlist. Here are some that we've loved and some that we'd love to try!

A few of my favorite monthly subscription gift ideas:

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Little Passports - TJ really loved her subscription to Little Passports. Each month she'd get a package that featured activities and souvenirs about a new country. They also offer an Early Explorers kit for little ones and a USA Edition. I love the fact that it's educational too - she was learning about new countries and looking at them on her large wall map (included in the starter kit). It's a very fun way to learn about cultures and geography.

Pley - Does your kid love LEGO? This is definitely the kit for them! Your child will 'rent' a LEGO kit and, when he's finished playing with it, you'll package it up to return it and get a new kit. Definitely a great idea - less waste and clutter but your kids still get to play with "new" toys! They also offer K'NEX and other toys as well.

Kiwi Crate - Kiwi Crate is another fabulous choice that offers multiple choices for lots of different ages. They have the original Kiwi Crate for kids ages 5-8. They also have a Koala Crate for little ones (ages 3-4), and some great options for older kids - Doodle Crate & Tinker Crate. I have this crazy dream of using the Tinker Crate subscription as science for school - wouldn't that be fun?

Magic School Bus Science Club - Another educational subscriptionalternative is the Magic School Bus Science Club. My daughter has used a few of these kits over the years and she's always had a great time. Fun & educational! This would make a great homeschool gift!

Nerd Block - My daughter brought this one to my attention (it's on her Christmas list). Each month you get a 'Block' filled with cool stuff, depending on what subscription you choose. Besides the Classic Block, there's also Arcade, Comic, Boys, Girls, and a few other options.

Subscription gifts tips

When I know that I want to give a gift box subscription I plan to order it early enough so I have the first box to wrap and put under the Christmas tree. That way, there's something to open on Christmas morning and the excitement that comes with knowing they'll be getting another box very soon!

What kind of subscription gifts are on your children's Christmas wishlist this year?

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