Everyday Scholé: What Restful Learning has done for Our Homeschool

While I write this we've had one of our roughest weeks so far. It seems ironic to write about restful learning when hormones and attitudes are rearing their ugly heads. But, even when those less than perfect moments strike, I can still find peace.

In spite of life and stress, restful learning can be achievable in any homeschool. Here's what focusing on restful learning has done for our homeschool.

What Scholé has done for me

The longer I homeschool the more I try to simplify things. And when we shifted our focus to creating an atmosphere of rest, we've simplified even more and found time for more creative and peaceful learning. Here are a few ways that scholé learning has been a benefit for our homeschool.

Less Stress

Less work equals less stress - it's really that simple. When we have piles of work to get through, there isn't much time for creativity or spontaneous learning. It can get stressful (for mom and child) to keep at it day after day. But when I focus on what's really important and create time for spontaneity and rabbit trails, our school day is so much more rewarding.

More Truth, Beauty & Goodness

As we simplify and find ourselves using less curriculum, we create more room for good things like art, music, and poetry. Instead of trying to cram in too much work, my daughter has free time to focus on her passions (which is drawing and music). Focusing on scholé naturally provides time for truth, beauty, and goodness.

Better Focus

When I try to schedule too much and my daughter gets overwhelmed, things don't go well. She gets cranky and the quality of her work suffers. School isn't her favorite thing to begin with and when I pile on the work she really dislikes it. But when we simplify and create time for restful learning she does her work enthusiastically (most of the time!). Knowing that she'll have plenty of school time to pursue the things that interest her means that she can focus on the harder tasks with a better attitude.

Scholé when life isn't perfect

One of the benefits of restful learning is that we can take small breaks, if necessary. While we work on attitudes and adjust to growing up, it's easy to take a breather or change how we do things. Focusing on scholé helps us keep our homeschool on track when life throws a curveball.

Are you implementing changes to create restful learning? I'd love to know how scholé learning has changed your homeschool.

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