What to do if an Essential Oil isn't Working

Sometimes it seems like everyone else is getting amazing results with a specific oil but you just aren't. It can feel pretty discouraging when it seems like they are working for everyone else. I have some tips for those times you find the oil you're using isn't working.

Sometimes one essential oil doesn't work the way you need or expect. These four tips will help you find the solution for your personal essential oil needs.

What to do when an oil doesn't work

Okay, so you've been using essential oils for different things and things are working great. But there will come a day when you'll find that an oil that is usually helpful for one specific thing isn't working for you. If it works for everyone else, why isn't it working for you? What do you do?

Try a different dilution

Dilution needs vary from person to person and oil to oil. Perhaps that everyday 1%-2% dilution rate isn't working for you. Reduce the dilution to .5% and watch for any changes.

Try applying more often

Essential oils are quickly metabolized in the body so it is okay to use them more often throughout the day. If you are only applying an oil once a day, try twice or day or even as often as four times a day.

Try a different method

If topical application isn't working for you, try diffusing the oil instead, or vice-versa. Sometimes changing the method of application can be beneficial. Also be sure to apply oils at the Vita Flex points for more targeted solutions.

Try a different oil

The great thing about essential oils is that there are usually a few that will work for the same issue. Tea Tree not clearing up your skin? Try Frankincense.

We are all different people and all have different body chemistry needs so some experimentation is expected before you find what works best for you.

Try layering 2 oils

Sometimes one oil may not target the problem like you wish it would and you might need to experiment a little more. Try using two different essential oils together to see if they work. This is when layering oils works very well.

Apply one oil, rubbing it in. Then apply the other oil, along with a carrier oil. Sometimes the oils work together to produce the desired effect.

Try an oil blend

Sometimes, even with experimentation and trying a few oils, you're not seeing the results you'd like. When that happens, the best thing to do is look for a specific blend that's already been created for that need. Young Living has a huge assortment of oil blends specifically created for many different needs.

Find what works for you

We all have different bodies and different needs so it only makes sense that our needs would also be different. So it often takes a little bit of experimentation to find what works for you. It's part of the adventure of using essential oils.

Tonia L

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