Homeschooling: Classical Education

I was inspired by The Well-Trained Mind when I discovered a copy of the book at my local library. Was it really possible to create my own homeschool plan without depending on a 'boxed' curriculum - especially for a classical education? I've discovered the answer is a resounding yes! Yes, you can classically educate your child. Here are the tips and resources I've discovered along the way:

Everyday Scholé

When you think of a peaceful homeschool atmosphere, what do you envision?

Perhaps children diligently completing their workbook page without mom fussing at them. Or maybe you see your kids curled up listening to an audio book and drawing. A peaceful homeschool can be many things for different moms. We all find peace and rest in different ways.

Even with only one child, I still crave a peaceful learning atmosphere.

Is scholé (restful learning) an attainable goal for homeschoolers?

There are many homeschooling blogs and message boards that have been discussing scholé - the philosophy and the practical application. In my endeavor to create that kind of atmosphere in our own home, I've been sharing my own thoughts and ideas. I've also joined a few friends - Sara at Classically Homeschooling and Chelli at The Planted Trees to discuss this philosophy and how to apply it to our individual homeschools.

Principles of Classical Education

Our series about Everyday Scholé was so inspiring that we decided to continue the series - this time focusing on the education virtues that Dr. Christopher Perrin discusses in his series about Classical Pedagogy.