Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards For Kids & Classrooms

My kids simply love playing bingo. This is a great way to introduce new numbers in math lessons, however, as the game can be easily adjusted for different themes.

I created these super fun Christmas inspired bingo cards for homeschooled kids and teachers alike to enjoy a fun-filled festive game together.

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Whether this is inside the classroom, or together with family members on Christmas day, this bingo game will keep kids highly engaged throughout.

Better yet, all you need to do is print and play!

In the downloadable PDF document below I’ve got 10 Bingo boards alongside the image cards. If you’ve more than 10 people looking to play then you’ll need to divide into teams – you can’t print and use two copies simultaneously as you’ll always get two winners as you draw the cards.

If you want to you can get these printed at a local print shop to make it extra nice. We have a really good printer at home (this one) it’s essential in any homeschool.

However, we do use our laminator to laminate the cards as it allows us to take them to Christmas parties and use them year after year without the need to re-print.

How To Play Printable Character Bingo

To play this Christmas printable character bingo you simply need to enter your email address in the box below.

Once you’ve confirmed your email address you’ll be sent an email with a link to the PDF download. This PDF download contains the 10 boards and the 1 character sheet.

Simply print the PDF document off using your printer and laminate it if you wish.

Then give a bingo card to each of the players. If there’s more than 10 players then you’ll need to break off into teams.

You’ll need something to mark the boards with when your character is called. Small candies, toys or counters all work well – we have a bucket of these counters for games just like this.

Then you’ll need an adult or teacher to be in charge of drawing the cards from the final sheet and showing the character on that card to each of the players.

You can do this by randomly picking one on the sheet or by cutting up that sheet and drawing the pieces of paper out of a bowl.

If a player has the same character on their bingo card that corresponds with the character drawn from the bowl or picked by the adult/teacher then they’ll want to cover it with a marker.

Once a player has five in a row (going any direction-vertical, horizontal, or diagonal), they call out BINGO and they win!

We’ve found that most of these games take less than three minutes to play, although this can be increased / decreased depending on the number of players and the age of those playing.

Once you’ve filled out the form above you’ll be asked to confirm your subscription by email. Upon clicking the confirm button you’ll be sent a second email with a direct link to download your free Christmas bingo cards.

These can then be printed off using your home computer. I recommend laminating them to prevent them from breaking and requiring re-printing regularly.