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With Homeschool DIY you'll have everything you need to build a happy homeschool.

Learn how to Build a homeschool that flourishes.

It's all about having the right tools in your toolbox.

Start your building project by laying a strong foundation with your homeschool mission statement.

Construct a solid framework when you learn how to set realistic yearly goals.

Design the interior of your homeschool DIY project by selecting the curriculum and resources that fit your family.

Protect your hard work with the durable roof of your yearly schedule and weekly routine.

Stop searching for that perfect curriculum. Throw away your carefully color-coded schedule. Learn to build your homeschool on the foundation of your personal mission statement.

Don't rely on others to tell you about the best curriculum. Throw away your overloaded schedule. Instead, learn how to use your own insights to create a homeschool that meets YOUR family's needs.

It's a struggle to find what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes that can take more time than you might think. When you find it though, it’s a huge relief and reward!

Homeschool DIY will teach you how to create a mission statement, set attainable goals, choose curriculum with confidence, and develop a schedule that fits your family.

Hey, I'm Tonia.

I started homeschooling when my daughter was three. Yes, I was THAT homeschool mom – so excited to start and convinced my daughter was a genius because she could sound out her letters. I was so focused on creating the perfect homeschool experience that I packed our schedule full of 'the best' curriculum. Within a few years, we were both feeling burnt out and overwhelmed.

Since those early years, I've learned that it's more important to find what works for my family instead of relying on others to tell me what's best. Now I want to show you the simple step-by-step formula you can use to create your own unique homeschool experience. 


Learn to make the best decisions for your family:

"Tonia's new book is just the thing for new homeschool moms or those who have been homeschooling for awhile but have lost their zeal. She takes you step-by-step through a system to develop or refine your vision and then plan your homeschool to bring that vision alive. There is lots of great information in the book to give you the background you need to make the best decisions for your family. Even as a veteran homeschool mom, I found take-aways that I can apply now! Good stuff!!"

 - Ann, Annie & Everything

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When you buy Homeschool DIY you'll receive:

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Homeschool DIY Guidebook

The guidebook for creating your happy homeschool.

You could try to do it all yourself - many homeschool moms have done just that. But I want you to learn from my mistakes and start building your homeschool successfully!

After following this guide you'll be able to:

  • discover how your personality and values play a role in creating the right homeschool for your family
  • create a personalized mission statement
  • learn the roles of skill and content subjects
  • plan attainable yearly goals
  • choose the right curriculum - for you and your children
  • create a daily routine that helps you meet your goals and the vision you have for your homeschool

Click here to take a peek at the table of contents.

Blueprint Planning Journal

Design the blueprint for your homeschool DIY building project - from foundation to roof.

Use the Homeschool DIY guide by itself or combine it with this hands-on workbook and journal to design the blueprint for your happy homeschool.

The journal includes:

  • Questions and prompts to help you work through the guidebook
  • Plenty of space for recording your notes and observations
  • Step-by-step guidance for each phase of your building project

With the Homeschool DIY guidebook and this companion journal, you have all the tools you need to design and implement the homeschool vision you have for your family.

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The Homeschool DIY Private Facebook Group:

Join other moms who are DIY-ing their homeschool! This private group is only for moms who are using the Homeschool DIY guide. You'll find support and a community of like-minded homeschool moms who want to build happy homeschools. 

The Build Your Homeschool email course:

Need a bit more hand-holding? Get the 4-week email course that will help you work through the Homeschool DIY guidebook and the companion workbook. You'll receive an email every other day for 28 days with encouragement and assignments to help you work through the course at a steady pace. Think of it as your Homeschool DIY building foreman!

Build Your Homeschool Video Training

The Deluxe Toolbox includes a full video course.

Prefer videos to reading? This course breaks down each section of Homeschool DIY into four modules. 

The video modules will walk you step-by-step through the entire process of building your homeschool. 

You'll learn how to craft your personal mission statement, set attainable goals, choose the right curriculum for your family, and create a schedule that works for you.

If you need more guidance for building your happy homeschool this is the course for you!

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A Step-by-Step Guide for Building a Happy Homeschool


Ready to BEGIN Renovating your homeschool?

Basic Toolbox

Homeschool DIY Guidebook

Blueprint Planning Journal

Private Facebook Group

Build Your Homeschool 4-week Email Course


Deluxe Toolbox

Build Your Homeschool Video Training Series

Homeschool DIY Guidebook

Blueprint Planning Journal

Private Facebook Group


Homeschool DIY will teach you how to create a unique homeschool experience - one that suits your family. If you are:

  • a new homeschooling mom
  • confused about choosing the best homeschool curriculum for your children
  • comparing your homeschool to your friend's homeschool
  • feeling overwhelmed by your current homeschool schedule
  • afraid that you're not a very good teacher
  • easily sidetracked 
  • struggling to find what works for your children
  • worried that you're trying to do too much
  • or just not sure you're on track...

Homeschool DIY can help. 

When you craft your unique homeschool mission statement, you can create personalized goals for each of your children, choose curriculum with confidence, and plan a successful homeschool year - every year.

Stop feeling overwhelmed. Start feeling confident.

It's the Book I wish i had when I first started:

"I enjoyed reading Homeschool DIY. It's the book I wish I had when I was first getting started! Everyone mentions putting together a mission statement for the homeschool, but I haven't seen too many mention how important it is to include your teaching style and personality in the statement. The types of curricula and the teaching time frames is useful as well. I run into so many people who seem to think their 1st grader should be working 3 or 4 hours a day."

 - Sara, Classically Homeschooling


Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do I access the product after I purchase?

Once your purchase is complete you will receive an email with a link to download or access your product.

If you have trouble accessing your download links, send an email to for assistance.

+ Is this a digital product?

The product is completely digital. Nothing will be mailed to your home. You can print the materials directly from your computer or read on a tablet or device.

For easier downloading, save to your computer before downloading to your electronic device.

+ Is there a printed version?

No, there is not a printed version available at this time. I suggest printing the companion workbook and using that to record your notes and complete your assignments while reading the guidebook on your electronic device.

+ Is this useful for all homeschoolers?

Yes, this product can help any homeschool family.

You can follow any homeschool method or yearly schedule - I just show you how to put it all together in a clear step-by-step format.

+ Can I get a refund?

If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, email me at within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund.

+ Have another question?

If you still have questions, send an email to and I'd be happy to chat with you.

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you can Build a happy homeschool