5 Best Latin Resources For Kids

Learning Latin is hard work! And I certainly don’t want my daughter to forget all she’s learned this year so finding ways to keep practicing her newly acquired skills is high on my list of priorities this summer.

However, I know she won’t be very happy about doing daily Latin drill worksheets.

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My goal is to find fun ways to practice Latin without it feeling like a chore and, after doing some searching, I’ve discovered some fabulous homeschool Latin resources kids will love!

If you and your kids have been learning Latin you know there is a lot to learn!

Thankfully, there are also plenty of homeschool Latin resources kids will love (who wouldn’t want to read Harry Potter in Latin!?).

These resources will keep those Latin lessons fresh in your kid’s memory all summer long.

1. Latin Videos

Classical Academic Press has wonderful Latin programs for all ages and they also provide some great extras.

Their newest resource for learning Latin is ‘Latin Loaded‘, a YouTube channel with short videos perfect for a quick Latin lesson during the summer.

If you want to continue Latin instruction through the summer, consider a monthly subscription to Visual Latin (my daughter thinks the teacher, Dwane Thomas is very funny).

2. Latin Games

If games are more your style (they are a great way to drill memorized information – and they’re fun!) then these will be perfect for summer learning:

If you use Visual Latin from Compass Classroom, this Latin vocabulary review game is what you need to review your vocabulary.

You can even play online at Headventure Land from Classical Academic Press.

And, if those games aren’t enough to keep you occupied, this list of free games and activities will keep you busy!

4. Latin Printable

Besides their YouTube channel and Headventure Land, Classical Academic Press also has a large selection of resources on their FAQs page (coloring pages, Latin charts, and flashcards).

If you use any of their programs, their resources are perfect for summer review.

Learning all those Declensions and Conjugations takes time – and I don’t want my daughter to forget all she’s learned so these Latin master charts from Family Style Schooling are perfect for reviewing vocabulary (and something we’ll be using to keep all the information fresh in her mind).

5. Latin Readers

Summer review doesn’t have to be a tedious task.

A quick and easy recitation, filling in Latin charts (which are great for muscle memory), or a fun reader (you can even find Harry Potter in Latin!) are great ways to inspire Latin learning during summer vacation.

Practice reading Latin with this Latin reader from Visual Latin or have fun reading Winnie-the-Pooh, The Hobbit, or even Diary of a Wimpy Kid.