Homeschool DIY

homeschool diy - learn how to build a happy homeschool
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homeschool diy
homeschool diy - learn how to build a happy homeschool
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homeschool diy

Homeschool DIY


Are you ready for a homeschool renovation?

The guidebook for creating your happy homeschool.

You could try to do it all yourself - many homeschool moms have done just that. But I want you to learn from my mistakes and start building your homeschool successfully!

With the Homeschool DIY guidebook and this companion journal, you have all the tools you need to design and implement the homeschool vision you have for your family.

If you are:

  • a new homeschooling mom

  • confused about choosing the best homeschool curriculum for your children

  • comparing your homeschool to your friend's homeschool

  • feeling overwhelmed by your current homeschool schedule

  • afraid that you're not a very good teacher

  • easily sidetracked 

  • struggling to find what works for your children

  • worried that you're trying to do too much

  • or just not sure you're on track...

Homeschool DIY can help - you’ll learn how to create a unique homeschool experience - one that suits your family.


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It's all about having the right tools in your toolbox.


Don't rely on others to tell you about the best curriculum. Throw away your overloaded schedule. Instead, learn how to use your own insights to create a homeschool that meets YOUR family's needs.

Homeschool DIY will teach you how to create a mission statement, set attainable goals, choose curriculum with confidence, and develop a schedule that fits your family.


Homeschool DIY — your guide for building a happy homeschool. Learn how to write a homeschool missions statement, set goals for your homeschool, choose homeschooling curriculum, and plan your homeschool day.

Homeschool DIY Guidebook

After following this guide you'll be able to:

  • discover how your personality and values play a role in creating the right homeschool for your family

  • create a personalized mission statement

  • learn the roles of skill and content subjects

  • plan attainable yearly goals

  • choose the right curriculum - for you and your children

  • create a daily routine that helps you meet your goals and the vision you have for your homeschool

Blueprint Planning Journal

Design the blueprint for your homeschool DIY building project - from foundation to roof.

Use the Homeschool DIY guide by itself or combine it with this hands-on workbook and journal to design the blueprint for your happy homeschool.

The journal includes:

  • Questions and prompts to help you work through the guidebook

  • Plenty of space for recording your notes and observations

  • Step-by-step guidance for each phase of your building project

Homeschool DIY planning journal - a workbook that will help you plan and prepare the right homeschool for your family.

When you craft your unique homeschool mission statement, you can create personalized goals for each of your children, choose curriculum with confidence, and plan a successful homeschool year - every year.

Stop feeling overwhelmed. Start feeling confident.