Mental Math with a Hundreds Chart

mental math with hundreds chart game.png
mental math with hundreds chart game.png

Mental Math with a Hundreds Chart


Practice mental math skills with a game!

You can practice simple addition, subtraction, and multiplication with this easy game. Just print, cut out the pieces, and grab some dice.

This DOWNLOAD includes:

  • Instructions for 3 methods of game play (addition, subtraction, and multiplication)

  • Hundreds chart game board

  • Game pieces

  • Envelope for storing game pieces

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Additional Supplies:

You’ll need two dice to play the game.

For game storage - file folder, white paper or card stock, adhesive (glue stick or double-sided tape)

Game Storage:

This printable game is easy to store in a file folder.

  1. Print the pages on white paper or card stock (you may want to print the game tokens on card stock to make them a little more sturdy).

  2. Adhere the hundreds game board to the inside of a file folder using a glue stick or double-sided tape.

  3. Cut out the included envelope, fold, and adhere to the other inside panel of the file folder. Use this envelope to store the game tokens.

  4. Adhere the instructions to the front of the file folder.

    Now it’s ready to play and easy to store!