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It's time to get the practical support you need to manage the daily chaos of your home & homeschool -- helping you create your own happy homeschool nest.


Homeschool Basics

I'm new to homeschooling and I'm not sure how to get started.

Homeschool Planning

I've been homeschooling a few years but need some help getting organized.

Homeschool Fun

Homeschooling isn’t very fun anymore - I need some inspiration.

How to Homeschool

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Are you just getting started with homeschooling and you're not quite sure where to begin? Here are a few articles that will help you get started:

How to Start Homeschooling: 5 Steps for Beginners

Homeschool Realities: The Truth About Homeschooling

Homeschool Books that will Encourage & Inspire You

How to Homeschool: All Your Questions Answered

Resources for New Homeschoolers

Our favorite books for new homeschool families. Affiliate links below.

Homeschool Basics

A step-by-step guide for new homeschoolers:

The Homeschool Basics guide will walk you through each step of your new homeschool journey.

Better Together

by Pam Barnhill

The indispensable guide to creating a time in your day to focus on the things that matter most in your homeschool.

The Well-Trained Mind

By Susan Wise Bauer & Jessie Wise

My first homeschool purchase - and the one book that I referred back to every year.

Homeschool Planning

Resources for Homeschool Planning

Our favorite resources for keeping your homeschool organized. Affiliate links below.

Homeschool DIY

The guidebook for creating your happy homeschool.

All the tools you need to design and implement the homeschool vision you have for your family.

Organize My Homeschool

by Kim Sorgius

Whether you have been homeschooling for what seems like forever or you are just starting out, this course will teach you strategies that will survive your messy kids, your messy life, and your hectic schedule.

Homeschool Planning Pages


A collection of printable planning pages to help you organize your homeschool.

Homeschool Family Life

homeschool family fun

Does it feel like homeschooling as taken over your life? Put down the curriculum catalog and read these articles:

Mary Cassatt Art Projects for Kids

Mental Math with a Hundreds Chart

Teaching Life Skills to Kids

Finger Knitting for Beginners