The 9 Best Educational Podcasts For Homeschooling Kids

Homeschooling is a bitter-sweet undertaking. One moment you have everything figured out, the next moment you doubt whether you are cut out to homeschool.

When it gets tough, you can always seek help from people who have experienced what you are going through and triumphed. This is where podcasts and other online resources come into play.

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Educational podcasts can enhance your homeschooling experience while plugging in the gaps you may have missed. Here are some of the best educational podcasts you should consider for your homeschooling.

1. But Why

Host: Jane Lindholm

Your kids will ask you all kinds of crazy questions. If you do not have the answers, you can always direct them to this podcast.

No topic is too crazy for discussion on this podcast. Your kids will learn a lot about how their world operates by being inherently curious. They are encouraged to ask all the questions they have on their mind.

2. Curiosity Daily

Hosts: Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer

This is an award-winning podcast that features short (10 minutes) videos packed with enlightening nuggets about a lot of stuff happening around us.

Your child will learn a lot about science and life hacks that have been carefully researched. The topics covered in this podcast are diverse. 

3. Bedtime History

Hosts: Variety

This podcast focuses on giving relaxing history lessons to your kids before they go to bed. However, these stories serve a much higher purpose than just luring kids to sleep.

The lessons are educational as they cover everything kids need to know about prominent personalities in American history and important facts in the history of the nation.

They learn everything about what happened in American history and how those activities shaped the future of the nation.

4. Math Dude

Host: Dr. Jason Marshall

Math can be a challenging subject. When you tune in to one of the Math episodes from the Math Dude podcast, you will quickly realize why it is popular.

The Math Dude simplifies the way your kids learn mathematics. Dr. Jason uses simple tricks in solving Math problems that make the subject look simple.

He teaches kids how to gain fundamental math skills so that they can solve more complex problems with ease. The podcast could be useful for kids preparing to sit for their SATs or other exams.

His tips are practical and based on real-life scenarios your kids can relate to. For instance, episode 226 teaches kids Math tips for smart shopping, how to budget, and how to spend money wisely.

5. The Past & The Curious

Host: Mick Sullivan

This is another educational podcast that delivers history lessons to your kids with a twist. The lessons are exciting, narrations are done in musicals, stories, songs, and other fun ways to keep the kids excited as they learn.

This is a podcast they are going to love and Mick does a great job of researching and delivering unique and exciting history nuggets. Even adults can benefit from the lessons he delivers in this podcast.

They cover all sorts of historical significance; from the incredible achievements of certain individuals in society to rare and interesting bits of our American history.

6. Wow In The World

Hosts: Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz

The world is full of wonder and no podcast brings these wonders together as this podcast does.

Although the podcast specializes in the delivery of unique scientific content in an interesting manner, the hosts have done a great job in ensuring that your kids learn something important from every lesson.


This podcast is owned by the NPR group, a large media company that specializes in content creation and distribution.

There is no limit to the stories discussed or explored in this podcast. One week they may be talking about ‘The trouble with Pterosaurs‘, and the following week they could be discussing a ‘Cat’s meow‘.

It is a great podcast to keep your kids fascinated as they learn interesting stuff about the world they live in. Videos are uploaded weekly.

7. Story Pirates

Hosts: Variety

What better way to end a long day than with a nice, educational story? Gimlet Media is an award-winning podcast for kids and families.

This is among the highest-rated podcasts for kids in the world, having been downloaded more than 20 million times. They bring on super hosts who are talented in delivering kid-centric content in a way everyone enjoys.

There is no topic on earth they cannot discuss. Their focus as a family educational podcast is what has popularized the podcast. You can also learn a thing or two as a parent.

8. Brains On

Host: Variety

Brains On is another award-winning podcast that is part of the APM Family podcasts. The APM Family creates content designed for consumption by kids, in all genres, irrespective of their ages.

Brains On is the most popular podcast in the company. They curate interesting stories that have an underlying educative concept. Each story is delivered aptly and the lessons learned are tied together in the end. 

Kids can ask questions about something they find interesting and a host tackles these questions in a subsequent episode. They create and upload content every week.

Children are encouraged to create a story and submit it. The chosen story is turned into an episode.

9. Tumble Science

Hosts: Marshall Escamilla and Lindsay Patterson

This is a science podcast that can be enjoyed by every member of the family. There is a lot of content here and most of it is scientific.

The hosts are experienced storytellers who narrate the stories with unmatched enthusiasm. Marshall is a teacher while Lindsay is a journalist.

They share scientific mysteries, debunk scientific myths, and explore a lot of science-related projects. If your kid has a scientific problem or question, the hosts are willing to discuss it on the podcast.

The guest interviews conducted are exciting and insightful. This is a podcast you are going to enjoy as a family.

Science may seem like a difficult subject but after your kids listen to several episodes from this podcast, they might gain a new and better attitude towards the subject.