Timberdoodle Homeschool Review

Timberdoodle is a homeschooling service that dates back to 1985. The family-run business began when parents Dave and Deb realised that homeschooling supplies were in great demand. They began purchasing caseloads and reselling the items to achieve a discount on the supplies they kept for the three children they homeschooled at the time.

Things have come along way at Timberdoodle HQ since then. An today Timberdoodle sells an incredible range of products at below retail cost to homeschooling families across the US. This includes subjects such as; latin, art, science, foreign languages, history and more.

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The Timberdoodle shop is broken down between subjects or grades to make finding the right products incredibly straightforward.

Is Timberdoodle Accredited?

The concept of accreditation a service such as Timberdoodle is irrelevant as the accreditation is formed based on the process of teaching instead of the tools used. To put it another way, in traditional schools, the textbooks used aren’t accredited, however, the school itself is.

It’s therefore more important to focus on whether or not the Timbledoodle products and values align with your core values as a homeschooling family and wheter they fit the teaching style of you as a parent and your children.

Is Timberdoodle Common Core

Some, but not all of the products sold by Timberdoodle are common core. This means that the Timberdoodle curriculums sold online as a whole don’t follow common core as these curriculums are made up of a number of products. While some of the products within a curriculum may follow common core practices, not all of them do.

Timberdoodle has been in the market for more than 30 years and as a result, believe that common core is irrelevant. Instead, the company focuses on curating curriculums of value and quality by choosing the very best products in every subject area.

Is Timberdoodle Secular?

Timberdoodle as a company is owned by a Christian family. However, the company caters to both religious and non-religious homeschooling families. This is possible as the company simply combines different products from different companies together to create a programme or curriculum. Therefore the product selection can be adjusted depending on your personal preferences.

There’s a whole section of non-religious educational kits pre-packaged on the Timberdoodle website, however, the company are easily accessible via telephone or email and are able to assist you with personal questions or custom requests.

Does Timberdoodle Have Lesson Plans

Timberdoodle has lesson plans inside the teacher handbooks which come with each of their curriculums. The teacher’s handbooks include a simply weekly checklist which helps you to keep on track throughout the school year.

The simple format of the checklist allows you to complete the tasks at your disposal throughout the week – ideal for those who prefer a less structured and more relaxed homeschooling atmosphere.

There are also online custom schedule planners available on the Timberdoodle website which you can edit, add to and print.

Does Timberdoodle Have Sales?

Timberdoodle regularly run sales on specific items throughout the year in their sale section. General sales across all product lines are much more uncommon, although they have been known to happen it varies as to when the sale will take place and what discount is offered.

At the time of writing there are currently 11 items on sale on the Timberdoodle website with the maximum discount being around 40%.

The best way to find out about Timberdoodle sales is to sign up to the Timberdoodle email list. That way you’ll be notified when a sale is launched and be able to visit quickly for maximum product availability.

If you’re looking to save money on Timberdoodle products, then instead consider finding the items you’re looking to purchase and shop around on other websites to see if they are cheaper elsewhere – Afterall, Timberdoodle is simply the intermedietry between the product designers and manufacturers and us homeschooling families.

Do Timberdoodle Offer International Shipping?

Timberdoodle maybe based in the US however, they ship to Canada and beyond using USPS. The cost of international shipping and the time the order will take to arrive can vary significantly, and you’ll be responsible for any tax or customs charges on items you purchase from the Timberdoodle website.

The best way to find out the exact details of your international shipment is by contacting Timberdoodle directly. They’ll be able to put together a custom shipping quote for you based on your location and the weight and value of the parcel.

Is Timberdoodle Worth It?

Timberdoodle is worth it if you’re just getting started homeschooling and want a pre-packaged programme. However, the savings on RRP are often only 10% and some of the products which come as part of the programme go to waste as you opt for a different style of teaching method.

If you are experienced in homeschooling and know what works and what doesn’t then you’ll be better looking at the products Timberdoodle sell and finding the ones that work best for you and your family – and of course, ensuring they aren’t cheaper elsewhere (as remember Timberdoodle simply works as an intermediary retailer for the manufacturer and designer of the product).

Take for example this Write and Draw Your Own Comics book. On the Timberdoodle website, it’s $14.99, however, it’s just $12.65 on AbeBooks and $13.35 on Blackwells.

Of course, this is just one example. There’s plenty of instances where Timberdoodle is cheaper than any alternative for the same product, however, it highlights the importance of comparing the cost of the products online before making any purchases.