How To Find Your Purpose When Homeschooling

Why do you homeschool?

There are so many reasons to homeschool – every homeschool family is unique and has its own reasons.

Contrary to popular opinion that all homeschoolers are religious families who want to keep their children from the corruption of the public school system, most homeschoolers have many different reasons, though I’m sure some do fall in this category.

Our own story may be similar to yours.

Because of my husband’s schedule (second shift), we realized that when our daughter went to school they would only see each other on the weekends since he would be sleeping when she went off to school and he would be off to work when she came home.

The idea of only being together as a family on the weekends didn’t work for us!

So the thought of homeschooling was planted and started to grow.

Soon after that initial discussion, I discovered a copy of The Well-Trained Mind at our local library and, after reading the first section, I realized that I could create a personalized educational experience, tailored to the needs of my daughter.

Our story may sound like yours. Or it might not. You have your own story and reasons for homeschooling.

But you want to know something?

Those reasons are important.

Why you may ask…

Because a day will come when you will contemplate sending your precious child off on that big yellow bus because you need a break or you don’t think you’re doing a good enough job or… fill-in-the-blank.

At some point, you will probably at least have a passing thought about sending them off to school.

That’s when your reasons for homeschooling become important. Those motivations for homeschooling are what help you stay on track – even when you’re not sure you want to.

Why Do You Homeschool?

  • Religious or conservative views that don’t align with the current system
  • Academic standards
  • Family schedules
  • Negative peer influences or bullying
  • Learning difficulties that require more personalized instruction
  • Gifted learners whose needs aren’t being met
  • Children with sensory processing issues that need a quiet environment
  • Health issues that keep children from attending school
  • Boredom, fatigue, etc., from long days, unreasonable demands, and schedules

There are plenty of reasons to choose to homeschool.

What you really need to know is why YOU want to choose this educational method for your family.

Knowing WHY you homeschool is the first step in building a strong homeschool (and it should be a part of your homeschool mission statement).

Finding Your Purpose As A Homeschooling Family

Besides keeping you motivated, there’s another important reason you need to know why you’ve chosen homeschooling:

When it’s time to start developing a homeschool plan – researching homeschool methods, choosing subjects, selecting curriculum, planning your daily or weekly schedule – those reasons for homeschooling can bring clarity at each step in the planning journey.

If you know you’re homeschooling because you want to create a simple, personalized plan for your children you can use that motivation to choose the number of subjects you should cover or how your weekly plan will look (after all, you’re not going to have a heavy course load if your goal is to create a simple plan!).

You’ll also discover, after homeschooling for a few years, those reasons may shift and change. Other priorities become more important. It’s a natural part of the homeschooling journey.

But all of those reasons for homeschooling – whether you’re just starting or you’ve been working at it for awhile – they become the backbone for creating a successful homeschool.