19 Winter Activities For Kids

Finding fun, educational and creative things to do with children can be a challenge. Especially when it’s winter time. However, for today’s blog post I’ve partnered with a handful of incredible bloggers to share some inspiring winter activities for kids.

Some of these activities are suitable for younger children, others are suitable for all ages, and some are even suitable for the whole family so be sure to go through the entire list and find out which activities are right for you and your family.

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1. Frozen Bubbles

I love the gorgeous crystal structure of frozen bubbles. There is something truly magical about them.

If you have ever seen video, it is an incredible spectacle seeing those icy crystals spread and capture the bubble. Shrouding it into a glittery masterpiece.

2. Jingle Bell Ball Ornaments

This simple DIY jingle bell ball ornament helps bring the sound of jingle bells into the home for Christmas.

Even though the ornament looks complicated, it’s actually easy enough that your children can make it with a little help.

3. Learn Spanish With Winter Themed Flash Cards

These flashcards are great because you can use them as a memory game by printing off two sets.

Alternatively, you can use them as labels and play fun games such as sorting.

4. Winter Themed Bird Feeders

These homemade bird feeders cookie cutters are the perfect cold or rainy day craft. For one, they’re pretty inexpensive to make.

In fact, you probably already have some of the ingredients for this cookie cutter bird feeder recipe at home. And what you don’t have on hand won’t break your budget.

5. Glowing Ice Cubes

These glowing ice cubes are incredibly simple to make and thanks to the non-toxic ingredients they are also safe to eat!

This is a basic science experiment that has children young and old highly engaged, however, what we love is that they are also perfect for setting up a wintery scene when playing with toys afterwards.

6. Host A Winter Party

A fantastic winter activity for kids is planning a party.

You can make this as creative or as complicated as you like, invite guests or make it a special family event.

You can embed a number of different activities within the event such as creating invites, preparing food, and selecting a suitable film.

Grab some marshmallows, hot cocoa, and a great film. Create some awesome winter projects and have a ‘fake’ snow day.

7. Borax Crystal Snowflakes

Making borax snowflakes isn’t difficult or dangerous, and borax snowflakes are beautiful and teach a variety of scientific concepts.

Borax crystals form due to scientific principles such as the material being a powder that forms in a repeating bonded pattern when it is dissolved in liquid.

8. Snowman Craft

This craft is perfect for pre-schoolers, I love how easy it is to make and your kids are going to love playing with it just as much as they do making it.

In addition to being a cute craft to make on a snow day, this adorable snowman craft for preschoolers is also so much fun to play with.

The squishy “snow” inside the bag will keep your little ones entertained for hours.

9. Snow Globe Winter Art Project

This super simple snowglobe craft is perfect for young children when indoors over the wintertime.

Inside the snowglobe you can put different characters, we opted for a snowman. This craft uses q-tips to pain the snowy dots, a technique that is sure to excite crafty young kids.

10. Make Popsicle Stick Animals

Arctic animals are really exciting to learn about because they live in a unique environment — mostly in cold temperatures with snow and ice!

Of course, we may see these animals in the zoo, but it’s really important to learn about their natural habitats and how and why these animals survive and thrive in this kind of environment.

This popsicle craft activity below is a step by step tutorial that will help spark your child’s curiosity with arctic animals. I recommend taking some time to create each animal and discuss each animal as you create it.

11. Winter Frozen Glitter Jars

These winter frozen glitter jars are the perfect winter craft for little hands. Better yet, they don’t require any specialist materials – in fact, you’ll likely have all the craft supplies you need already at home.

You can style your jar with different colors depending on your favourite and / or use large or small bottles to create different shapes and sizes.

This is a great sensory craft perfect for creative play in the wintertime.

12. Dinosaur Snow Globes

This activity is nowhere near as messy or difficult as you may at first think.

Better still it uses common household craft materials, and can be adapted to different characters – one child might love dinosaurs but if the other loves unicorns that’s fine, it works for those too!

This super fun sensory craft is one that your kids will no doubt love, and the end product can be displayed proudly in their room.

13. Origami

I’m a big believer that origami can be accessible to all and that includes children. Origami doesn’t have to be complicated or need loads of patience.

Granted there are many complex models that take ages to learn and fold, but there are many designs that are far simpler that give just as much joy to make as the really hard stuff.

Origami has been around for centuries and part of that appeal is creating amazing designs with just a few simple folds in the paper.

14. Snowman Snowball Shooters

How do you have a snowball fight when there is no snow? You build a “snowball” launcher and send the snowballs flying! Plus, your kids get to stay in the warmth inside instead of freezing outdoors with this fun activity.

With this quick and easy snowman snowball shooter that takes minutes to put together, your kids will have lots of fun for hours shooting marshmallows or cotton balls.

And of course, we turned it into a winter STEM activity so that the kids can go through the scientific method while launching snowballs!

15. Coffee Filter Snowflakes

These wonderful coffee filter snowflakes were inspired by Elsa’s superpowers from Frozen II.

They are both colorful and incredibly easy,

I came up with this project idea right after watching Frozen II, hence why we used blue, purple, and pink markers only. But, you can let your kids pick any color combination they want.

16. Snow Painting

While your family might enjoy playing with snow outdoors, have you ever considered bringing some indoors for a little bit of family fun?

Did you know that you can paint with snow for a fun and easy twist on watercolor painting?

With some cardstock, brushes and of course some snow, you can create a craft day to remember with your kids.

17. Winter Wordsearch

Word searches are fun, educational, and super easy for you as a parent or teacher. This winter word search features winter themed words, not Christmas words, and is suitable for any of the colder months of the year.

This word search for winter has two versions – one that’s cute and color and a second, ink-saving black and white word search with winter coloring page elements.

And, finally, there is an answer key included so you can use this word puzzle with your kids even if you personally stink at word searches.

18. Frozen Sun Catcher Ice Ornaments

Do you need extra motivation to get outside when the temperature drops below freezing? 

Perhaps this craft will be just the thing to get you and your kids outside.  These frozen sun catchers can be made with a variety of items, are interesting to look at, and sparkle beautifully in the sun. 

Plus, they are super easy to make; winter did most of the work for us!