If you're considering purchasing a starter kit from Young Living Canada, but you have a few questions - this page is for you. Read through the FAQs below and, if your question hasn't been answered, please send me an email and I'll answer your question, if I can! young living canada questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Premium Starter Kit Questions

Is the Canadian version of the Premium Starter Kit the same as the U.S. version?

Yes and no. The essential oils in both Premium Starter Kits are the same. The difference is in the diffusers. The Canadian Premium Starter Kit includes the Dewdrop diffuser. The U.S. Premium Starter Kit offers 4 choices for diffusers (at varying price points).

How much does the Premium Starter Kit cost?

The Canadian Premium Starter Kit, which includes 11 oils, a diffuser & a membership kit, costs $185 (CAD) plus shipping costs.

Are there other kits available?

Young Living Canada offers two other starter kit options:

The Everyday Oils Starter Kit includes the everyday oils collection and the membership kit (no diffuser) for $129.50 (CAD) plus shipping.

The NingXia Premium Start Kit includes 2 bottles of NingXia Red, 30 singles-serve pouches of NingXia Red, and the membership kit (no essential oils or diffuser are included in this kit) for $185 (CAD) plus shipping.

Can I purchase a second starter kit?

Yes, after you become a wholesale member you will have the ability to purchase the starter kits listed above.

Can I purchase a U.S. Premium Starter Kit?

No, the various starter kits in the U.S. market are not available to Canadian members at this time.

Questions about Canadian & US Products

Why are the bottle labels different in Canada?

The oils in both markets are exactly the same but there are a few reasons for the differences on the labels.

Labels in Canada must be bilingual - so all products, bottles, and materials will be in both English & French.

U.S. FDA regulations allows for the internal usage of oils. Health Canada does not. They only recommend using essential oils topically and aromatically and the labels and materials reflect that difference.

Why aren't all the products & essential oils available in Canada?

Due to various regulations, not all of the products that are available to the U.S. market are available to the Canadian market.

Can I purchase essential oils & products that aren't available in Canada?

Yes, you can purchase essential oils and products that are not available for resale (NFR) in Canada. The only regulation - you cannot re-sell these products in Canada. You can only purchase for personal use.

Once you become a Young Living member, you will see two areas available for your online shopping:

  • The OTG (on the ground) Products - which are shipped from a Canadian distribution warehouse.
  • The NFR (not for resale) Products - which are shipped from a U. S. distribution warehouse.

If you order products from BOTH the OTG and the NFR product lists, be aware you will have to pay shipping TWO times (one for each market) and will receive TWO different packages.

One other thing to note - if a product is available in the Canadian market, you cannot purchase it from the US market.

Does Young Living Canada offer monthly promotions?

Yes, Young Living Canada offers its own promotions, separate from those available in the US. Your purchases must reach the minimum Personal Volume (PV) for the promotion - 190PV, 250PV, or 300PV.

Can I participate in the U.S. monthly promotions?

Yes, Canadians are able to participate in the U.S. (NFR products) monthly promotions. You must purchase products from the NFR product list and reach the minimum PV (190PV, 250PV, or 300PV).

Occasionally Young Living offers other promotions that may or may not be available to Canadian members.

Questions about Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards is Young Living's autoship program. Joining the Essential Rewards program offers a few different perks for members, including up to 20% in monthly points to use towards future purchases.

How many Essential Rewards orders can I place each month?

Canadian members can place two Essential Rewards orders each month - one for each of the product areas (OTG and NFR). Canadians are also eligible for promotions for BOTH countries.

Placing two orders is not necessary each month. You can choose to place one order from either product area - both are available from your member dashboard.

What are the shipping costs for Essential Rewards orders?

There are a few shipping options available for both OTG and NFR orders.

  • FedEx International - $7.50
  • Ground Reduced - $9.75
  • Purolator Reduced (NFR only) - $9.99
  • FedEx IPD Canada - $16.36

Can I redeem Essential Rewards points in the US (NFR) market?

Yes, Canadians can use their Essential Rewards points to purchase products from either market. Like other orders, if you order from both the OTG and the NFR lists, you will pay TWO shipping costs and receive two different packages.

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