17 Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful. Instead, I wholeheartedly believe that homemade gifts are the way to go.

There are a whole host of different homemade gifts that little ones can make for Mother’s Day. Some require specialist equipment, others require nothing more than a printer, some paper and some crayons.

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I’ve partnered with some of my favorite parent bloggers from across the internet to bring you this incredible list of Homemade Mother’s Day gifts. As a result, there’s something for all ages and all abilities.

I’d love to know if you have any suggestions for handmade Mother’s Day gifts – let me know down in the comments and I’ll be sure to include them in this list.

1. Mother’s Day Coloring Page & Card

No Mother’s Day is complete without a card. Luckily, Where The Smiles Have Been has got you covered.

Just print out these FREE printable Mother’s Day coloring pages and/or cards, have your little one get their crayon game on, then give to a momma in your life!

2. Soap With Dried Chrysanthemum Flowers

This is the perfect handmade gift for teens to make for their mom.

The recipe makes 3-4 bars of soap, depending on how full you fill the mold so you can easily make a bundle or even share the love with aunties and nanas.

The craft does require some specialist items such as soap colorant and beeswax pastilles however these are easily obtainable online or from specialist craft stores.

3. Finger Knitted Ear Warmers

Finger knitting is super easy for kids to learn, it requires just one material (the wool) and isn’t messy (bonus!).

Finger knitting does have it’s limits, you’ll struggle to make more than a necklace or headband however, in this tutorial I was inspired by winter and decided to have a go at making some ear warmers.

They turned out great, and take around 30 minutes for someone who has done finger knitting previously or around 1 hour 30 minutes for a complete beginner.

4. Cupcake Flower Pot

These Cupcake flower pots are the perfect easy Mother’s Day gifts that older kids can do on their own and little kids can do with Dad’s help.

You’ll likely already have all the ingredients required for this recipe in your cupboard – if not, all the ingredients can be purchased easily online or from all major grocery stores.

The prep time for this recipe takes around 45 minutes, and baking 15 minutes – all this tends to be enough to keep wandering minds from straying during the project.

5. Felt Heart Ornament Keyring

This felt heart ornament is a great introduction to basic sewing stitching for kids.

It makes for a wonderful keyring for a mom on mother’s day and can be hung on a bag or a desk easily.

You can get creative with the sizes and colors too. I also think the children’s best friends may like one their birthday or “just because” as a token of friendship.

6. No Sew Headband

Can you believe this headband has been made from an old t-shirt and requires zero sewing!

Instead, all you need is some basic materials that you’ll likely already have at home and around an hour of free time.

Younger children will need assisting with this Mothers Day gift, however, older children should be able to do everything except using the hot glue gun independently.

7. Heart Shaped Brownies

These heart shaped brownies were origionally inspired by valantines day. However, they can just as easily be used for Mother’s Day too.

The only special piece of equipment you’re going to require is a heart-shaped cookie cutter which can be purchased easily online, in some major grocery stores or in craft / baking specialist stores.

Younger children will need assistance with this craft, however, teenagers will be able to complete it independently and will likely only need supervision when using the oven.

8. Homemade Lavender Milk Bath

Lavender Milk Bath is the perfect way to pamper those you love. Milk Bath is a great stand-alone gift, but also fits beautifully in a basket with bath salts, sugar scrubs, room spray or hand soap as well.

This Lavender Milk Bath recipe requires just a few natural ingredients and only 2-3 minutes to mix and bottle making it a great last-minute gift.

9. DIY Button Initial

This DIY button initial craft is such a fun activity, kids can make one of these for Mom or choose their own initials to hang up in their rooms.

It requires just some basic materials which can be easily purchased from your local craft store. Some major grocery stores often stock these materials in the craft isles too.

The craft will take around 45 minutes with little ones and will require some supervision as it’s created using a hot glue gun.

10. Chunky Knit Blanket

This incredibly beautiful chunky knit blanket is done using arm knitting and therefore doesn’t require any knitting tools other than the yarn. This makes it perfect for older children and teens.

However, the yarn needs to be thick and of high quality to achieve a really great finished product.

If you’re on a budget then this handmade gift for mom’s might not be right for you – The Wallet Moth spent around $160 on yarn completing the blanket you see in the photos on the side.

11. Lavender Vanilla Soap

This handmade lavender vanilla soap is a super practical handmade gift to give to a mom on Mother’s Day.

It requires a couple of specialist materials such as essential oils, lavender flours, soap molds and Shea Butter melt. However, all of this is readily available and relatively affordable.

This craft is messy and does require some patience so it’s not suitable for younger children. However, teens are sure to appreciate the process and will likely want to make a couple of bars of their own – or for friends and other family members.

12. Upcycled Toilet Paper Seedling Pots 

This 20 minute activity leads to the perfect handmade gift for moms who love to garden.

Better still, it requires basic items such as toilet roll tubes, scissors and string – no running to the store for specialist equipment.

You can expand this gift by pre-planting the seedling pots with seeds that will grow and give the gift of a harvest a couple of months down the line. Some of our favorites are carrots, strawberries and pumpkin.

13. Felt Flowers

These felt flowers are so easy that children as young as 3 or 4 can make them (with some assistance, of course!), but they’re so much fun to make that even the adults will want to make some as well!

All you’ll need is some colored felt that can be cut into various different shapes and sizes.

You can decorate your flowers with embellishments with buttons, gems, ribbon – anything you have to hand.

My kids had a TON of fun with this part and really took their time selecting their favorite color and pattern combinations to make their flowers!

14. Marbled Nail Polish Mug

This handmade gift is perfect for children with a short attention span as it takes just 5 to 10 minutes. Then you simply need to leave everything to dry.

Even if you don’t use this mug as a mug it’s an ideal decorative pencil or pen holder or flower jar that can be displayed at home or in an office at work.

You can use any color nail polish so feel free to get creative and pick the mom’s favorite color or a color that best matches a room in the house if it’s going to go on display.

15. Fingerprint Keyring

They are cheap and easy to make so you could easily have one for every member of the family to carry around on their backpack for the kids, or keys for the parents.

The best part is that you will have a clay snapshot of those little fingers that you can store away and keep forever.

You can buy keyrings that include the chain, and jump ring at the end so you can easily secure your heart-shaped clay at the end. Along with any extra jewelry pieces you want to add.  

16. Suncatcher Wind Chime

This craft is perfect for keeping the kids engaged for hours. It’s broken into two parts, searching for the items to include with the wind chime suncatcher and then assembling the items and waiting for them to dry.

I love it when kids can make long-lasting practical gifts and this is a fantastic example. It comes with a great educational element too.