11 Incredible Homeschool Art Project Ideas

Finding engaging homeschool art projects within a child’s ability can be tough going. I was so excited to teach my children art when we first started homeschooling. However, the novelty quickly wore off when I found myself spending hours trawling the internet for ideas or spending $20 to create an art project which would last little more than 30 minutes.

Luckily, over the past few years, I’ve made some incredible friends in both the homeschool and blogging space. Together we’ve been able to share ideas and projects. What works and what doesn’t. In fact, it’s the value I recieved from many of these blogs as a new homeschooling mom which encouraged me to start one of my own.

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Today I’m so pleased to be partnering with 11 incredible bloggers to share their favourite homeschool art projects.

While all of these projects are art-based. Many of them have additional elements and educational experiences such as math and science. An in some cases, they overlap with basic life skills, such as the benefit of sunscreen (see project #1).

I’d love to know your favourite homeschool art project, let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to include it in this list. Meanwhile, don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can refer back to it for future art lesson plans.

1. Sunscreen Painting

This simple art project will wow your kids and show them just how important proper sun protection can be. And we’ll talk a little bit about how sunscreen works.

Most importantly, this project made it very easy for my kids to see what sunscreen does for us. That made it very worthwhile.

All you need for this basic homeschool art project is; sunscreen, a paint brush and some black construction paper.

You can use other dark colors but we’ve found that black works best.

2. Candy Science

This is such an easy and fun experiment and a great idea if you want to do something a little unique with your Skittles.

All you need is some Skittles and water to create some serious wow moments.

This experiment can be as simple or complex as you like. You can opt for a basic circle of color on a plate.

Alternatively, you can turn it into a smiley face and watch the colors melt and blend together.

The transformation is very pretty and happens quickly making this a satisfying and budget friendly science experiment.

3. Color Mixing

This color mixing activity comes with it’s very own printable (click the button below).

It’s a fantastic homeschool art project which demonstrates how colors mixed together create new, different colors.

The hands-on project makes it incredibly engaging – as a result I found my children absorbed the information better than simply watching this in a video or reading it in a text book.

You can create the color mixing chart using basic paints which you can get from the grocery store, online or from specialist art stores.

Alternatively, you can use food coloring. Which can lead to a number of other projects related to coloring edible foods.

4. Blow Painting

Blow painting with straws is a super easy and fun way to make abstract art with your kids.

It allows your kids to use their imagination and creativity and the resulting artwork always looks amazing.

This blow painting art activity is simple so even preschoolers can do it.

The beauty is that there is no right or wrong way to do this, so let your child explore what they can make with just some paint and straws.

5. Pointillism Leaf Art

Besides having tons of fun and enjoying some creative time, this Seurat inspired pointillism craft is an excellent opportunity to teach older kids a little about art history.

Alternatively, if you have toddlers or preschoolers, this Seurat inspired leaf craft can be a terrific way to help little ones start recognising colours and shapes!

Pointillism is a painting technique created by the French artist George Seurat. The purpose of the technique is to only use the point of the paintbrush.

6. Vegetables Paper Crafts

This paper craft vegetables activity is great because you can print the free template and offer this project to kids of all ages.

Little crafters will be able to make something fantastic with a little guidance. Older kids will love finding unique ways to use the fruit of their crafting labor!

The free template offers guidance for making cauliflower, cabbage, radishes, onion, and broccoli. 

This craft is also great alongside a larger discussion about the benefits and impacts of eating fruit and vegetables as part of a balanced diet.

7. Wooden Peg Animals

These wooden peg animals are incredibly colorful and super fun to make.

I love that they are practical and can be used as figures in winter scenes or as part of play.

You can create a variety of different animals. This particular theme was around arctic animals.

Much like the other crafts in this list, it opened up a discussion as to the impact the decisions we make on a daily basis is having on these animals environment and habitat.

8. Geometric Animal Art

Keeping with the trend of animal art, these geometric animal art projects are simply beautiful and can be easily framed and used as decor once completed.

Geometric art combines both art and mathematics which is great if you have a child who isn’t particularly fond of math but loves art projects.

Better still, you can design any animal you wish (even your very own pet) thanks to the fantastic online resources available.

9. Rainbow Walking Water

Much like the activity above, this art project combines art with another subject. In this case, it’s science.

I’m a huge fan of science because I think it helps us understand the world around us.

Kids are so inquisitive and hands-on, as a result I’ve found that science experiments help them to get an even better grasp of how things work around them.

This experiment isn’t messy or expensive. It doesn’t require any specialist equipment and doesn’t take long to set up / create.

The link in the button below even includes a printable which children can use to report their observations and think through what they are learning.

10. Seed Bombs

Making flower bombs is super easy and simple and it’s a fun project you can make with the kids.

This homeschool art project will get your children interested in gardening, in planting, caring for and tending for plants.

Simply put a garden seed bomb is compost ball or paper ball that is mixed with seeds.

Garden seed bombs can be placed in the garden or into a plant pot with soil.

Once the seeds begin to germinate and grow the seed bomb will slowly break apart and the seeds can continue to grow.

11. DIY Pop Art

This project was originally designed for a handmade father’s day gift.

However, it can just as easily be transformed into something else while maintaining the pop-art concept.

Depending on the child’s age you can use this homeschool art project as an introduction to the famous artist Andy Warhol who was perhaps the most famous leading figure in the pop art movement during the mid to late 1950s.