Free Plant Worksheets For Second Grade

Second grade is the perfect time to discuss plants and how they work within the eco-system.

There’s a lot to learn about plants, so expect that you’ll need to start with a foundation of knowledge and increase this over time with different worksheets, workbooks and educational videos.

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In our homeschool, I like to combine different learning mediums to create a well-rounded education. After all, we shouldn’t expect our children to retain everything after learning it for the first time.

Using multiple mediums creates that reinforcement and repetition in learning without being boring. I’ve found it works really well for our family.

We have learnt about plants in our science lessons this year. Our curriculum is made up of Time 4 Learning and Mastery in Primary Science which has worked really well.

However, even with two curriculums, there are still gaps I like to fill – learning about plants is certainly one of them as it can be incredibly creative and hands-on.

While both curriculums cover plants briefly, it was something I found to be beneficial repeating in a creative and fun way. I, therefore, created this fun workbook.

There are creative elements to the page allowing children to play games and color.

However, there are also matching games and questions and answers which should provide an insight into how well your child is retaining the information on plants – this is the way I like to construct tests for my children at this early age.

I’m therefore able to see if the child needs any additional assistance, whether we should cover this subject in more detail or review it again in a couple of weeks / months.

I’ve made this workset available for free. Simply enter your email in the box below and you’ll be given a download link. This allows you to print the document at home or in the classroom.

Be sure to bookmark this page in case you need to come back and print additional copies in the future.

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