How to Memorize the Periodic Table Using Visual Memory

If you’ve ever tried to memorize anything you know that it takes work. And the longer or more complicated the list you want to memorize, the more difficult it is! That’s why I’m so excited by this cool website that will teach you how to Memorize the Periodic Table using visual memory.

Disclaimer: I received free access to Memorize the Periodic Table in exchange for an honest review. I was compensated for my time spent reviewing the product and writing this post. All opinions expressed are my own – I was not required to write a positive review.

Using Visual Memory Tools

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Memorize the Periodic Table from Memorize Academy is a fabulously cool website that will have you and your children on your way to memorizing the periodic table of elements in no time. The program uses a method of visualization that has viewers associating certain elements with pictures. The pictures tell a story in a specific sequence. All you need to do is remember the story to remember the elements.

Believe me, it’s much easier to remember a silly tale about a general rowing at night (nitrogen) than a list of confusing element names!

A Look at Memorize the Periodic Table

Memorize the Periodic Table is a series of 12 videos that will guide you through memorizing the periodic table, ten elements at a time. The videos are each less than 10 minutes in length, making it quite simple to include a video in your weekly homeschooling lesson plans.

Each video creates a story that includes the names of the elements in interesting and unique ways. For example, in one section, we have a doctor made of chrome to help us remember the element chromium (see the screenshot below). While it may sound a bit odd out of context, this method of visualization really works! We’ve already easily memorized the first 40 elements with this unique series of videos.

There are also two introductory videos that will explain how mnemonic techniques work and help you create a plan for using the videos effectively.

Besides the 12 videos and two introductory videos, you’ll also find two videos to help you memorize the atomic numbers, a bonus ebook, visual reference guide, and tips for remembering chemical symbols. It’s really a well-rounded, detailed program.

Why we love Memorize the Periodic Table

I believe that memorization and recitation are vital parts of a well-rounded education. We’ve worked on a large variety of memory work over the years and will continue to do so. The act of memorizing actually strengthens the brain and creates new neural pathways. So, along with those books and papers, memorization should be a part of every education.

There are certainly many ways to work on memorizing things –  flashcards, recitation, jingles, and songs. But the method used by Memorize Academy is the best and easiest we’ve ever used. Their visual technique has revolutionized the way we memorize.

It’s a fabulous way to add some variety to the usual memory work. A few of the other benefits of this program:

  • self-paced

  • independent

  • easy to do

  • it’s fun!

TJ and I have loved watching these videos – they are fun and certainly memorable. We watch one video every Friday, reviewing the previous week’s video as well and reciting the elements that we’ve learned up to that point. They recommend a simple method for reviewing the material that has been very helpful as well.

We’ve really enjoyed using Memorize the Periodic Table and are looking forward to working through the complete series during the school year. It’s simple to include a video each week and review what we’ve learned so far. It is really a painless way to memorize the elements. I’m looking forward to seeing what other inventive ideas they create.

If you’re interested in learning more about Memorize the Periodic Table, you can watch the first few videos for free, learn the first fifty for only $1, or the complete list of elements and all the videos for $19.95 – and I highly recommend it for a simple way to memorize the elements.

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