Project Passport Review

It’s no secret that we are in love with the resources from Home School in the Woods. We’ve used notebooks and lapbooks resources from different places and the beautiful materials that they produce are the best we’ve ever used.

The detailed line-drawings, the engaging hands-on projects, the appealing notebooks and lapbooks resources – Home School in the Woods really does make the materials you’ll definitely want to include in your homeschool.

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Their latest resource is a new addition to the Project Passport series – all about Ancient Greece.

If you aren’t familiar with Home School in the Woods, let me introduce you to this wonderful homeschooling company.

Home School in the Woods began with a set of timeline figures and has only continued to blossom, now providing maps, world history products, US history resources, and lapbook materials.

The Project Passport Series

What makes Project Passport unique is the many ways it can be used.

You can use it as a full history program (add some extra reading and perhaps some writing assignments for older students).

You could use some of the projects as a supplement to another program.

What makes the series ideal for large families is that each child can choose what interests them most – some of your children may choose notebooks while others choose lapbooks.

It’s really up to you – do as much or as little as you want.

While each Project Passport focuses on a different time period the layout of each program follows the same format (so once you’ve used one, you’ll know exactly how to get ready for the next!).

You’ll start by making a ‘luggage’ folder that can be used for each of the studies – just keep adding to it each year.

While you travel through the time period, you’ll travel to 25 individual ‘Stops’ that feature different aspects of the life and times of the study.

Each of the stops in a Project Passport study contains more than enough projects and hands-on activities (I challenge you to try to do them all!).

You’ll be adding new pieces to your lapbook or Scrapbook of Sights, collecting postcards, adding to a timeline or map, selecting one or two interesting hands-on projects, or any of the other fun activities that are included at each stop on your journey.

Don’t forget about the Guide Book Text – that will help you and your children learn more about the events, interesting people, and culture of the time.

A Look at Project Passport: Ancient Greece

Now that you know what Project Passport includes, let’s take a look at Ancient Greece. It follows the same format as others in the series. You’ll find:

  • Binder covers & spines (in color and black & white)
  • Introduction (very helpful for figuring out all the pieces and parts)
  • Travel Planner (to help you plan your projects and activities)
  • Travel Tips (definitely read this!)
  • Travel Itineraries (project instructions and materials lists for each stop)
  • Guide Book Text for each stop
  • Project Masters for all the planned activities
  • Teacher Keys
  • Additional Resource recommendations
  • 8 Audio Tours

It can feel a bit overwhelming to see all those files! I suggest you start with the Introduction and Travel Tips – it will help you understand all the various parts of the program.

While you’re printing and organizing for your study, go through all the projects and select the ones that look most interesting to you using the Travel Planner. Activities and projects for Ancient Greece include:

  • Scrapbook of Sights
  • ‘Greek Weekly’ Newspaper
  • Lap Book
  • Snapshot Moments timeline
  • ‘Wish You Were Here’ Postcards
  • Mapping Ancient Greece
  • Fan Deck People of Interest
  • Souvenir Craft Cards hands-on projects
  • ‘Greek Life’ File Folder Game

After you’ve chosen the activities you want to do, print all the necessary masters and keep everything organized in one binder (with a large Ziploc bag to hold finished lapbook pieces) and have your children set up their Scrapbook of Sights binders. Then it’s time to dive in!

Over the course of your study, you and your children will learn about the span of ancient Greek civilization from early Aegeans to the conquest of Rome. With 25 stops, you’ll cover the following topics:

  • Aegean Civilizations
  • Archaic Period
  • Greek Government
  • Everyday Life
  • Athens & Sparta
  • Culture & Science
  • Arts & Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Warfare
  • Greco-Persian Wars
  • Peloponnesian War
  • Alexander the Great
  • Hellenistic Age

We aren’t focusing on the ancients this year but couldn’t resist taking a tour through ancient Greece with Home School in the Woods so we’ve been using the program during our morning meeting time.

While I read aloud the text for the stop, TJ works on the projects that she’s chosen.

It’s as simple as that! If I finish reading before she’s finished with the projects for that stop we’ll turn on an audiobook while she finishes. If it’s a larger hands-on project we save it for our ‘Fun Friday’ so we can take our time.

What makes it so simple to add to our day is that we did all the prep work ahead of time – an important part of using Project Passport.

There are many parts and pieces and you will want to have everything all printed and organized before you start.