13 Fun Homeschool Crafts & Projects For Girls

I love including craft projects as part of our homeschool education. Luckily, my little girl loves crafts as much as I do and as a result we’ve been able to complete some incredible crafty projects together overt the years.

The benefits of crafting are endless. However, the inspiration for craft projects can be difficult. Which is why I’ve partnered with a handful of blogging friends to share these 13 fun homeschool crafts and crafting projects for girls.

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Along with the basic creativity element, many of these craft projects have additional educational elements such as demonstrating the reaction between materials, materials and the environment as well as basic life skills such as sewing and heat therapy.

Be sure to let me know your favorite educational craft for girls in the comments below.

1. Rice Bags For Heat Therapy

Hot rice bags are fantastic as part of heat therapy for aching bones, stiff muscles, bag circulation, stress, tension and more.

Luckily they are also incredibly easy to make. The majority of the supplies and materials you’ll likely already have and while a sewing machine will make this craft easier you can just as easily hand stitch if you prefer.

2. Decorative Mug

This decorative mug is a fantastic craft that demonstrates the reactions between water and ingredients within nail polish.

Better still it’s using resources you likely already have at home.

You can use the mug for personal use or gift it to friends and family.

3. Photo Coasters

While this craft requires some specialist materials from a craft store it’s totally worth it.

This homeschool craft is a great way to demonstrate the change in materials and states over time and as they are combined.

An, of course, the end result is simply incredible and would make for a perfect gift or as part of your home decor.

4. Card Recycling

Preserving the planet for future generations is more important than ever.

An small actions over many years, done by many people can make a difference and this craft is here to demonstrate just that.

It’s providing children with a creative way to use old cards they or their family members have been given and transform them into new fun pieces of art.

5. Reforming Crayons

On the theme of recycling, this craft is both educational and practical and involves those old broken crayons that you have lying around in a craft draw.

Broken or damaged crayons can be converted into shiny new ones using this simple craft. Better still you’ll be able to create new colors or different shapes (love heart crayons for the win!)

6. Air Dry Clay Bowls

These stamped air dry clay bowls don’t require a kiln making them easy to make at home.

Get creative with different sizes, colors and patterns. They make for wonderful home decor or incredible gifts for loved ones.

Meanwhile, they teach your child the impact of materials under heat and allow them to get creative.

7. Bird Feeder Ornaments

If your children are passionate about nature then this craft project is the perfect creative homeschool activity.

These bird feeder ornaments are incredibly easy to make and don’t require any special equipment.

Cellophane wrapped they also make for fantastic gifts and can be made into different shapes depending on the celebration / time of year.

8. Felt Pocket Kitty

Sewing is an essential skill that I believe all children should learn. On a basic level it allows for a child to repair items rather than replacing them as moving into adulthood.

This felt pocket kitty is a fantastic project to allow for basic sewing demonstrations. Better skill the end result provides a super fun little companion or gift for friend/family.

9. Old Book Page Paper Flower Wall Art

A wonderful way of recycling old books is to transform them into works of art.

This tutorial demonstrates how you can transform a book into flower wall art for the home or to give as a gift to a friend or family member.

Better still you don’t need any special materials to complete this handiwork project.

10. Wooden Bead Necklace

Older children will love being able to use wooden beads to create decorative necklaces either for themselves or others.

This simple craft is incredibly effective and requires little to no special materials, preparation time or clean up.

Better still you can adjust the necklace to your style or colors to reflect your personality.

We made two of these beautiful necklaces back in November that my little girl gave to her nana and grandma.

They were both incredibly shocked on Christmas day to find out it was actually made by their granddaughter and were excited to show the rest of the family.

It certainly made my daughter beam with pride and demonstrated the importance of heart felt, homemade gifts.

11. Pine Cone Owls

These pinecone owls are incredibly cute, better still, they are both quick and easy to make. They can be colored with whichever color your child desires.

They make for the perfect bookcase or nightstand decoration and are a great reason to get out into nature and collect some pinecones together.

We used feathers for wings but I’ve seen families use a whole host of different crafting materials instead if you don’t have feathers available.

12. Kool-Aid Lipgloss

This craft project blew my mind the first time I saw it. It looks super complex and specialist but in actual fact, all you need is a packet of kool-aid and some caster oil, coconut oil, mango butter, shea butter or cocoa butter.

In fact, the only thing we needed to purchase was a small container for the finished lip gloss to be stored in which cost us under $8.

13. Canvas Art Initials

This DIY canvas art initial painting is a great way to personalize your home.

Displaying your initials or letter of your first name is a great way to make your space feel personalised.

The color pallette and font choices are endless and depending on the canvas size you choose you can hang this in your child’s room or on their bedroom door.