Celebrating STEM Week With John Adams Secret Science & Ultimate Gross Science Sets

We all know that children love experimenting, getting messy and really using their brain to work out what works and what doesn’t work. And with STEM week just around the corner there is no better time to get creative, experiment with new things and really push the learning in a new and fun wya.

STEM is the concept which a way of learning which combines areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This is a great way of learning for those who struggle to do each of these on their own.

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We love finding new ways to introduce different ways of learning in the hopes of finding something that fits that child better, such as some learn better by doing and some by watching. This can be a combination of both which is great as it creates a gateway for new learning styles.

Secret Science Set

We all know that secrets are something children love to hear but also cannot keep to themselves! With this super fun and interactive secret science set you can spark curiosity and creativity in one go.

The set comes with multiple sets within that you can try out and find your favourite. The sets included range from an optical illusion secret magic photo box, secret coding bracelets for you and a friend, mirror messaging with invisible inks and even work out secrets coded messages in a water fizzer.

You can also use the set to create circuits and understand them along with a personalised motion sensor room guard with a recorded message function so you can put any fun message to people visiting your room.

Of course all these were super fun for any 8 year old as they are starting to have some independence along with still finding so much interesting and fun!

What’s Included:

  • Magic photo box (frame, lid, insert and mirror)
  • 2 x coding bracelets with code inserts
  • compact mirror with secret notepad
  • black light pen
  • water fizzer
  • locket room guard,
  • black hanging cord
  • colour activity guide

Much like any extremely fun activity, there are a few additional products you will need, these are all simple enough to find and can be found in the home. These include 2 x AA batteries for the room guard, sellotape, small torch bulb, baking powder, tonic water, purple grape juice, lemon juice and kitchen foil.

Our favourite parts were the room guard and actually had so much fun setting it up in different places in the house, along with the coded bracelets. The coded bracelets were super fun as they were simple, straight forward to understand and put together along with being easy to adjust and play with.

The secret science set is for 8+-year-olds and is advised to have adult supervision, especially when working with the real experimental parts!

The John Adams Secret Science set is available from shops with an RRP of £19.99.

Ultimate Gross Science

There is always one child that loved getting extremely messy and loves getting involved in the grossest of experiments and if you know a child like that then this set is perfect. The set is perfect for ages 8+ and will definitely spark an interest in science going forward.

With so much goo, gross ingredients and disgusting smells this was perfect for any child that loves making people laugh or even squirm! There are 12 fun and exciting but slightly disgusting experiments included which were perfect for doing over a number of days which also kept them entertained and intrigued for the rest of the day.

What’s Included:

  • Fart Facts
  • Bouncy eyeball
  • Snot Swot
  • Pus Points
  • Blood Basics
  • Vomit vitals

Our favourite parts of the experiments were the bouncy ball eye as it was hilarious to watch it bounce around the house and also very disgusting in the same sentence. Each experiment was great as they were all quite different without being boring or too complicated.

We found each one very engaging and thought out to be in-depth enough to keep a child entertained but not so complicated that they don’t understand or want to give up.

Another favourite from the experiments was the vomit vitals and the farts facts, as they were the next more gross things in the experiments. This was also a great way of teaching children about their bodies and how things function and unfortunately, what can upset a tummy.

The John Adams Ultimate Gross Science set is available from shops with an RRP of £19.99.

We thoroughly enjoyed trying out these John Adams Science sets as they were fun, creative and intriguing along with being able to do them again and again. These also helped spark more interest in more science experiment we could do at home to learn more.

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